Monday, November 8, 2010

Shopping Cart Cars

I took Justin and Kathryn to Wegman's today for some grocery shopping. Justin was so excited to find a cart with a car attached to it. Almost as excited as I was to find one of the close "baby and child" parking spots open today! It makes me so mad to see able-bodied people with no young kids monopolize those spots! So, if you don't have a car seat or a booster, with kids in them, please wear your sneaks and walk the extra 20 feet! I do when I don't have little ones to carry!

Anyway, Justin usually drives the car, and I put Kathryn in the baby seat of the cart. Today she really, really wanted to drive the car with Justin. And there were even working seat belts in the one that Justin chose, so I let her give it a whirl! And except for some grabbing of items off the shelves, she did really well.

They steered their wheels, talked, laughed, and had an all around great time. I looked at the two of them, sitting there in a car together and smiled at how well they get along sometimes. In the next second I panicked, this was also a glimpse into the future. I saw the two of them in about 15 years, cruising in a real car together! Yikes! I just hope they are still getting along as well as they did today!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Soccer, Soccer

Great, amazing, incredible soccer game today for Brian! He had a goal, and an assist, and played a beautiful game. They boys really worked hard and deserved their 4-1 victory! It's been a tough season with having moved up two flights since last year. But despite our losing record, the team never gives up! And sometimes it pays off! Great job boys!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Turning The Corner

Things are getting so much better with Kathryn. Finally. She still gets really upset when we leave her, but now only fusses for a few minutes after we leave. Her horrid fifteen time a day all out temper tantrum screaming fests have finally subsided. For the most part.

She still is very strong willed, stubborn, and doesn't care much about what you tell her to do or say. She doesn't get upset when she gets in trouble, just stares you down. Which is not good because she does the same unwanted behaviors over, and over, and over. I have no idea how many times she has been in time-out for climbing on the table, eating Wii remotes, and grabbing things from others, yet she continues to think she has every right to do whatever she wants!

Ont he other hand, she is the most loving of my kids. She always has hugs, and kisses, and slobber to share. More slobber to share lately since she is teething. Kathryn is talking up a storm now - her favorite word by far is lunch. She uses it for anything to do with food. coming in at a close second is juice. The girl wants a full cup at all times, and wants nothing to do with water. So, tantrums ensue and she throws her cup and refuses to drink. I just pick up the cup, and say, "Oh, well, I guess you aren't thirsty." This does not go over too well with her, to say the least!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Date!!!

We have a date! For Finalization! Kathryn will be ours legally on November 19th! She will become an American citizen and also lose her Korean citizenship.

But, that is not the end of the paper work for me! She will need a COC (certificate of citizenship), a US birth certificate, a Social Security number, a passport, etc., etc., etc.!

And because we are finalizing before the end of the year, we can claim her on our taxes, and get our adoption tax credit too!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow! I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I have blogged! I have a ton of updatin to do, and will try to fill in the blanks, especially with Kathryn! Things are going well, just got busy and then my laptop had a virus that blocked everything to do with google, so I couldn't log into my blog or search anything on google! So, I'm back and cannot wait to get typing!

In the meantime, if you are interested in our journey to Korea, you can see photos and updates on our shutterfly website.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Well, it isn't our I-600 approval, but we did get form I-797C in the mail today. It is a Notice of Action and says "The above application has been received by our office and is in process." It then asks us to check the personal information included on the form, if all is correct (which it is), then we don't have to do anything!

I hope this is a good sign. It took a little over a month for us to get our Notice of Action with our I-600a! This time it was mailed on 10/15, received in Texas on 10/19, dated 10/21 and postmarked 10/22! To me that is quick!

So, our paper work should now be on its way to Newark, NJ. Hopefully we will get a speedy approval! And I also think that this Notice also means that all of our forms were completed correctly and we don't need to change anything or submit anything else. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Goal - for B-West!

We got the chance to meet Brian Westbrook today at the Nova Care Center in Philly today! It was really exciting! He is so nice! B-West posed for a few photos with the boys - Justin wouldn't cooperate - and signed Brian's jersey and a picture for us! When Brian met Brian Westbrook, he shook his hand. Then Brian Westbrook asked what his name was, Brian replied, "Brian." Brian Westbrook smiled and told him that it was the best name there is!

As we were leaving Brian Westbrook told Brian to score a goal for him in his soccer game today!

And that is just what Brian did! He had a nice break-away and a pretty goal. He got past the defender and dribbled the ball to the outside and then shot on the opposite corner. Brian was so excited and could not wait to tell Brian Westbrook!

getting past the defender

making his break-away


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Super Soccer Star!

Sean had his last soccer game today. And what a game it was! The score ended in tie 4-4. But the exciting part was that Sean scored all 4 goals for his team!!! His face after the game was priceless. I was forced to fight back tears, it really warmed my heart to see you happy and proud he was!

He is so much more competitive than I thought he would be. He always seems to feel like he is in Brian's shadow when it comes to sports. It was so nice to see him shine this year. And even though he is aggressive and wants to score, he is still a nice player. He doesn't take the ball from his teammates and I can hear him encouraging them on the field when they have the ball. It was a great season! Sean cannot wait for next year!

Goal #1
Goal #2
Goal #3
Goal #4