Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mega Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went on a huge Easter Egg Hunt! The boys got so much candy - more like Halloween! It was at my Mom's friend's house. She has a few acres in Souh Jersey with horses and ponies and chickens and geese and goats. The boys both rode the pony, Ranger, and really enjoyed it. They also loved to chase the chickens - that is until the chickens turned around and walked toward them - then they ran for the hills! Who were the real chickens? They also had a lot of kids to play with and plenty of room to run - needless to say they slept great last night!

Here is the loot!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Potty Training Babies

Still nesting to the extreme - I had to clean out all of my kitchen cabinets and pantry - I just knew there was an expired can of soup somewhere - lol! I feel much better! I did find that soup can - expired Jan 2007 - can you believe it - lol!

Such nice weather here this week - mid 60's to 70's and sunny. We were outside almost all day. It is great because the boys get tired but not so great because they need baths so much more often! Brian had a friend over and when her Mom came to pick them up, he went to the playground with them. It only took Sean 20 min to figure out Brian wasn't here! He asked a few questions about the baby - and even got to feel some kicks. I don't think he totally understands that there is a real baby in my belly. He thought I was joking that the bumps he felt were the baby. I asked him if he would help change diapers - he said NO WAY! Then a few minutes later he said when the baby has to go potty I will carry him over to the potty and tell him to go. Then he said but Mom you have to wipe him! Too funny! A few seconds later he said if the baby goes on the potty we will have to take him to the store to buy him toy! I guess he has that down!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cross our fingers!

We were out shopping and picking up some baby items and Brian and Sean wanted to buy something for the baby. They both picked out teddy bears - one holding a football and one holding a baseball! I asked Brian what if the baby is a girl - he said, very seriously, "We'll just have to cross our fingers that it is a boy!" Ugh! I think he just jinxed me! Sean is right on board with him and will only call the baby he and him - of course his boy name is Sean Jr. and his girls name is Mommy! I bet she would be the only girl in class with that name!

Still cleaning and organizing like crazy - tacked the master bedroom today - at least I can walk int here and get to the window now - all the yard sale stuff is now stored neatly on one side! Next is the basement - laundry room and computer room - i am slowly but surely making it through the whole house. A friend of mine was due the day after me and she had her little girl yesterday - she is fine but needs to be in the NICU for a week or so because of feeding and apnea episodes - otherwise healthy little girl! Makes me nervous and excited!

Monday, March 26, 2007


Okay this weekend my "nesting" hit an all time high! I want everything clean and organized and to throw everything away. I read that how you decide to toss things in the garbage is to look at the item and think if you would buy a new one if you lost it or it broke - if the answer is no - time to trash it! It does help to decide. Brian and I got the screen replaced on the porch and I got the boy's room really clean and clutter free - it feels so great! Now the basement is my project for the next few days. The final step will be our bedroom - that is where everything is going for the yard sale or to be sorted later - the "catch-all"! I have to go in to go to bed and close my eyes quickly - or I might not be able to sleep with all of the mess!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Speedlines and Skyscrapers

We had a Madden family outing today! Brian has been asking to see a skyscraper up close and Sean has been asking to ride on the Speedline - so we got both done in one day. The boys were so excited as we stood up on top of the platform waiting for the train to arrive. Those of you that aren't familiar with south Jersey - the Speedline is comparable to an above ground subway. It travels from points in South Jersey, through Camden, over the Ben Franklin Bridge and then to Locust Street in Philadelphia. We got off at 15-16th and Locust and walked down to Liberty One and Two. Again if you aren't familiar with Philadelphia - they are the two tall buildings with all gray windows that standout int he skyline. Of course, on the walk there, the boys had to stop at Dunkin Dounuts - Brian Sr. didn't complain and of course got his coffee fix! As we were walking, Sean stepped on top of a grate in the sidewalk. He looked down and immediately dropped to his knees and crept off to the solid sidewalk. We had to laugh bu he was scared that he would fall through! He has been like that since he was a baby - really shiny floors in stores would scare him because he could see the reflection of the ceiling and he thought he was going to drop down! It was a nice day and we all had a great time.

Brian and Sean up on the platform waitng for a train!

What a great view over while traveling over the bridge

Walking with Dad!

Boys' eye view!
Another boys' eye view!

Riding home with Dunkin' Dounuts!

Bye, train!

Friday, March 23, 2007

OB apponitment

Saw OB today and all is well. I gained 1 1/2lbs, blood pressure 95/60 and baby's heart rate was 138. I am 33 weeks and 4 days and measured 36 weeks. Two weeks ago at 31 weeks 4 days I measured 33 weeks - so 3 weeks growth for a pound and a half! She said the baby is big and weighs about 6 lbs already - and I have a little less than 6 weeks to go! Not that I should be surprised, because Brian and Sean were big babies! She said she was going to book the OR for my c-section on May 3rd, we don't know the time yet.

Batting Practice

Brian and Sean got to take batting practice with Brad Strauss tonight. For those of you who don't know, Brad is a childhood friend of Brian Sr.'s and plays for the Camden Riversharks - our local minor league team. Here are the pictures from the boys' batting practice.The boys looked great in their Madden baseball shirts - Brian picked #16 for his because of Brad and we aren't sure why Sean picked #9 - he said it was a good number!

I bet you have never seen this move in the pros!
Look at that concentration!
Keep your eye on the ball!
Cleaning up all the great hits!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Brian's Trip

Brian went on a class trip to Little Sport in Mt. Laurel. He said they had a great time playing sports and doing relay races. It was hard for me to have him on the bus without me - he is growing up way too fast. One of the Mom's there also has a senior in high school that left for Florida - she said one left on a bus, the other on a plane! Ugh - not ready for them to leave on a plane. I don't know how my parents deal with that one....
Here are a few of my favorite picture of the boys within the last few weeks:

Did some more preparing for baby things today - took out some crib toys and bouncy seat and rocker to put in new batteries and to make sure they still worked with batteries. Most of the stuff still did and it was purchased for Brian in 2000 - gotta love Fisher Price! I also took apart some things to wash the material and get it "like new" for the baby! I guess I am officially nesting - feel the need to have the house clean at all times and to get everything ready - batteries and all!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's - a day late!

We went to Grandmom and Grandpop Madden's for a great St. Pat's Day feast! The boys only ate ham and rolls but they did try the corned beef. Neither of them would attempt the cabbage - they said it smelled yucky! Brian did have 2 pieces of Irish soda bread with lots of butter - YUM! They also had a great time with their cousins and spent most of the time in the basement playing basketball.

Brian Sr. is off from work this week so we got some more things done to prepare for the baby. I think by the end of the week he is going to be ready to go back to work! The boys have him so busy! I drug them to Babies R Us to get a new car seat and stroller - the old one was worn out from the two boys! Then we took a family trip to Home Depot to look at paint samples - when the weather breaks we will be getting the house painted. I had to stop and drool over the jacuzzi tubs - boy would that be nice right now!

The Nursery

Here are some pictures of the nursery - not much has changed from when Brian and Sean used it! We stayed with the neutral moons and stars since we didn't find out the sex of the baby!

45 more days!

Can you believe we only have 45 more days until the new baby arrives! We are ready - just a few last minute things to do - put together the new stroller/carseat travel system, get the bassinets out of the garage and get all the junk out of the baby's room! I told Brian last night that there were 6 1/2 weks left until the baby comes and he said so tomorrow will be only 5 days! Boy was he let down! I think we are going with Justin Andrew for a boy and of course Kathryn Julia for a girl! Brian and Sean are hoping for a boy!!!

Here is a belly shot at 32 weeks 4 days - the 2nd one is my view of the belly!

Boys and Bubbles!

Here are some pictures of the boys playing outside last week. Brian and Sean got a new bubble machine and had so much fun - it pumps out almost 5,000 bubbles a minute - much faster than Mom can do! But it does use up bubble solution really quickly too....