Thursday, May 31, 2007

4 weeks!

I really cannot believe Justin is 4 weeks old - I have no idea where the time has gone!!! He is settling into a little bit of a routine. We have made it 4 weeks getting out of the house to take Brian to school and to pick him up without Justin having to eat at those times! Yeah Justin! Here are his weekly football pictures!

giving a high-five!
getting ready to run


tired out!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Boppy Time

Justin got some belly time on his boppy pillow. He is getting so strong and can hold his head up really well for a short amount of time. On the boppy pillow he can lift and turn his head to the other side! Sean had to get in the action too! Brian said he looked like a flower head.

belly time
taking a rest
lifting his head
turning to the other side

Many faces of Justin

Here are some of the many, many faces that Justin gives us everyday! He started smiling at Mommy last Saturday, the 26th, and I finally caught one! Brian and Sean did the same one-eyes smile too!

smiling for Mom
filling diaper for Mom!half of a smile
getting ready to cry
really mad!

Ants, Ants, Ants

Sean is as obsessed with ants as Brian is with baseball! He loves to go outside and collect them and put them in buckets! The same goes for worms too - but they are harder to find! He keeps busy for hours looking for them. He only likes little ants and steps on the big black ants!

He is healing well and only complains when we have to clean the stitches and put Neosporin on the wound. He is such a brave guy!

looking for ants
checking the tree
getting Dad's help
getting Brian's help
Sean's ants

Having a Catch with Dad

Brian Jr. lives and breathes baseball right now. When he isn't asking when his next t-ball game is, he is bothering his Dad non stop to have a catch or take him to the ball field! He loves to watch his cousin's play and especially loves to got to Rivershark's games!

what a reach!
keeping his eye on the ball
so serious
got it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stitches for Sean!

Well, yesterday was Sean's second trip to the emergency room for stitches. This time a lot more serious! He had about 30 stitches! He was climbing on a chain-link fence at a friend's house and his feet slipped. (after he had been told numerous times to get off the fence!) He caught his chin/cheek on the way down and really got himself a nice laceration. Brian picked him up and we drove to the ER. We had to wait since he had just eaten so that he could be given a sedative. And I requested a surgeon to do the stitches and since it was a holiday we had to wait for him to come in too. All in all, Sean was a trooper and only really complained when they actually started to stitch him up! Before that he was watching Nickelodeon so that made him happy - he loved the little TV attached to the wall that you could swing around the room! Brian and I were the ones going crazy! I managed to stay very calm for Sean. He was really funny coming out of the sedative - like he was drunk and couldn't walk a straight line or complete a sentence! He is back to himself today and didn't complain at all - we gave him some Tylenol and he was fine! He goes next Wednesday to get the stitches removed. The doctor said at his age and where the scar will be, that is should be barely noticeable. We just need to put Maderma on it and make sure we use a lot of sun block this summer. I just keep reminding myself that he is okay and that it could have been worse! It is so hard when it is your baby! I know he is almost 4 but he is still my baby!

Sean's stitches
what a face!
Sean again!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hippo Justin!

Of course, Sean picked out this Hippo towel for Justin! He seemed to really like being wrapped in it after his bath! Justin has still been such a good baby - he has a fussy time around 7-9 pm but then he sleeps from 9-9:30 pm, until 2:30-3 am, and then again until 6:30-7 am! He has been doing this for a few nights - no complaining here! My favorite is the last picture - when I showed it to Sean he said it was Justin's Hippo Face! I think it does look like a Hippo Face - if there is such a thing!

so content
big eyes
fussy face
happy again
Hippo face!

Justin all clean!

Here are some pictures of Justin wide awake after his bath! His big brother Brian jumped into the last picture with him! I made sure I got some pictures of his hair wet - for his Grandmom, she says she thinks his hair will have more curl than the Brian and Sen do! I think she may be right!

Wide awake!

curly hair

more curls


Justin and Big Brother Brian!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Attack of the Sprinklers!

Brian and Sean love to run through the sprinklers! They get out their wiffle ball bats and pretend that they are fighting the sprinklers! Even though it was hot, the water was really cold - not that they seemed to notice!

Take that sprinkler!
Sean running for cover
Not sure who is winning!
Sean running away again!
Right in the face!
Battling together!
Another spray in the face!
Sean running in to help
Glad to be cool!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Indian Spring Night at the Riversharks

Brian Sr.'s golf course sponsored Golf Night at the Riversharks Stadium. He got to throw out the first pitch - with the boys by his side for support. He made it all the way to home plate - it was a little high but they called it a perfect strike! We got to hang out in a suite and lots of our friends and family came to enjoy the game! Finley, the mascot, came up to our suite and gave out his autograph and posed for some pictures! There were fireworks after the game and Brian and his friends got to sit in the Rivershark's dugout (or digout - if you prefer) to watch them. They even got to count down from 10 to 1 to start off the fireworks show! Sean was afraid and wanted to stay in the suite, which was okay because Justin wanted to eat right when they went off!

Throwing out the first pitch
Wishing Brad luck before the game
Blue cotton candy tongue
Waiting for Finley
Posing for a picture
(Brian didn't want to!)

Waiting for the fireworks

Counting down

Brian watching the fireworks

Fireworks - next to Ben Franklin Bridge

More fireworks