Friday, August 31, 2007

Ghost Ball

It was too windy on the beach - and Brian can hit the ball too far for me to chase down the beach all day. So the boys got together and played pretend baseball. The pitched to each other and ran the bases - but there was no ball. They did get a few strange looks from people walking by, but they didn't even notice! The video at the end is a little noisy from the wind - but too cute!

Sean running to home plate
Brian batting
Brian sliding into home

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Super Sean!

Able to leap big sand holes in a single bound! He had so much fun jumping across this big hole - he made me tired just by watching! After every jump, he had to run over to me to look at his picture in the camera. Thankfully, I didn't have to dig the hole - he ran into when the kids playing in it had left for the day!

posing for a picture
go Sean!flying
what a jump
Walking on air

Go Blue Hens!

Our nephew Joe is the starting quarterback for the University of Delaware! And Brian Jr. just loves his cousin Joe. It was a 7:30 pm game at William and Mary. SO, as you can tell by the pictures - he was fighting sleep to stay up until the end. Sean went to bed around half time - he just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer. He did have the best comment of the night though - Joe got sacked it the beginning of the first quarter and Sean yells "Aw, Flacco!" at the TV - too funny! It was a great high scoring game and Omar Cuff from Delaware broke all kinds of records with seven touchdowns! Joe was 19 for 23 with 202 yards passing! And Delaware won 49-31! They were ahead by a lot in the middle of the fourth quarter and Brian just couldn't understand why they had to take Joe out of the game!

watching the game
a little stretch
trying to stay awake
losing the battle

Justin in the ocean!

Justin really likes the warmer water and splashed around with his feet! He is getting so big and loves to take in all the comotion at the beach! There is always something new to look at!

feet in the ocean
talking to Mom
smiling at Mom
splashing with his hands

Push play to see me splash!

Jellyfish, Jellyfish!

Sean loves jellyfish! He searches up and down the beach for them all day long and then puts them in a bucket of water and carries that around! He doesn't seem to mind - but dead jellyfish baking in the hot sun in a bucket of water smell awful by the end of the day! I think the jellyfish thing started because he likes Sponge Bob so much - but with Sean you never know! Some of the kids on the beach were looking at him strange because they were afraid to get stung. I have to say that was too - but he had already picked the fist one up and was carrying it around and nothing happened. I later found out that these are moon jellyfish and that they usually lose their thin, fragile tentacles before making it onto the beach. But even if they do have tentacles their sting is very mild.

showing off his jellyfish
he caught another one
so proud!

A New Toy!

Justin discovered his new favorite toy last night - his feet! He has been lifting his legs higher and higher and more often lately. It was a matter of time before he started grabbing at his feet. You would think he would have wash-board abs with the amount of legs lifts he does in a day!

leg lifts
smiling at his toes
got one!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sink Bath

I didn't bring Justin's baby tub or sling - so we had to make do for bath time. He thought it was fun to be int eh sink and enjoyed trying to grab the water from the faucet! He was one slippery baby!

Jusitn getting clean
smiling at Brian
more smiles for Brian
all clean!

It's Not Easy

I tired for ever - well until everyone including Brian Sr. had had enough of me trying to get a good picture of all three boys! Some of them are okay - it is just so hard to get them all to look at me at the same time. Next we will have to work on them all smiling at the same time...

Brian and Justin
Dimple Brothers okay - 2 out of 3 are looking and smiling!
2 out of 3 again!

Got Mud?

The boys had so much fun with their mud fight. No one cried or got hurt and there were not many people around - so all was good! They were laughing so hard - and so was I! I am having trouble with the slide show so, I just posted the link!

To pee - or not to pee

Sean walked up to the trash can to throw away some wrappers. I was watching him to make sure he didn't get lost or side tracked. I wish I would have had the camera because I missed the first part. He looked around and then dropped his shorts up by the trash can. He then looked around again and pulled up his pants. I was thinking - okay good, finally something has sunk through that thick skull of his! He has been told numerous times not to get naked in public! So, he pulls up his shorts and then looks around again. I guess in reminding him all the time to not pull down his pants that I forgot to see no peeing through your pants in public places - especially where people walk. You cannot see it in the pictures - but he is about 15 feet away from the hot dog vendor! When we came back he proudly told us that he had to go potty and that he didn't pull down his pants. Progress is slow sometimes - two steps ahead, one step back!

caught in the act
making sure not to hit his feet!


It's funny how different Brian and Sean are - yet so similar too. In some of these close-ups I had to really look to figure out who was who! So many people tell me how alike they look and I guess that they do look like brothers, But when you pick apart each of their features, they are really different. Sean's eyes are much more deep set and wider set too. His ears are more like mine - attached lobe and smaller and Brian's are more like his Dad's unattached lope and a little bigger. Sean has his Dad's nose and I think Brian has mine. They both have full dark lips - not sure who they get that from. They both have their Dad's defined chin! We are not sure where they got the long full eyelashes from either - but we are not complaining! Brian has two good size dimples - from Mom and Dad and Sean has no dimples. Their hair color is very similar now - although Sean's was lighter as a baby than Brian's was. Both boys get a darker tan than I do - that they definitely get from their Dad! And the both have beautiful blue eyes - from Mom and Dad!


Sean and Brian

Swinging at the beach!

It's my fault, I admit it. Justin is hopelessly addicted to his swing! I let him nap in it all day long and bring it with me when we go places so that he will nap better! But that is the one thing I never waver on at home - nap and bed times! I take a strict no nonsense approach! I schedule outings around nap times and have even missed a party or two if they were during a nap when Brian and Sean were little. This is because tired kids cannot function well and tired kids make for even more tired and irritable parents. So, where we go - the swing goes. This is because Jusitn will take long two hour, peacefull naps in his swing. And when is brothers run through the room screaming - he might open his eyes for a second but the swing puts him right back to sleep. The funny thing is he has no trouble going to sleep in his crib at night! I just nurse him, change his diaper, give him many kisses and hugs and snuggles, swaddle him up and put him in his crib. It only takes a few minutes and he is out for the night. Brian and Sean were the same way - minus the swing addiction. They both enjoyed the swing but it was not necessary! I know that I am truly lucky to have boys that love to sleep!

hangin' out
getting tired
almost there...
out like a light!

Brian at the beach

Brian spent a lot of his time in the water boogie boarding. He loves to go out and catch the waves for a ride! I have to say I don't have as many pictures of him - because most of the time he won't let me take his picture!

paddling out
waitng for a wave
riding a wave in