Saturday, August 4, 2007

Application Part 1- sent!

We sent the application by e-mail to our adoption agency this morning. We then got confirmation that it was received! Now we have to mail the rest of the required things. We need two 4X6 pictures - one of all of us together and one of the front of our home. We need a signed and notarized copy of the the agency's Adoption Services Agreement, a copy of page 1 of the last three years tax returns, signed copies of the Rights and Responsibilities Form, signed copies of the Corporal Punishment Statement - signing that it will not be used, and the signed Child Abuse Information form with a check for the processing fees - one for each of us! I want to have everything mailed out by the end of the week and then get our approval sometime next week!

And this is only the very beginning of our paperwork journey! When they receive all of this information it will be reviewed and hopefully accepted! Then we will get a call from our social worker to get started on more paperwork and the home study! Now all my organizational skills and my neatness are coming in handy! I am getting excited!!!

When we told people we sent the application - my friend Meg said that we are now pregnant with our little girl! That makes my eyes tear up! Here we are working so hard and she hasn't even been conceived yet!

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