Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sean's Party!

Sean had a GREAT party! The weather was just perfect - nice and warm but not too humid! The kids started off on the playground and in the pool. Then we had pizza. After that it was time for cake! The kids really enjoyed the pool cake and all wanted to pick out which piece they wanted. I couldn't fill 20 requests - so they got what they got!

After cake we did the pinata. I bought one where you pull strings to release the candy so that we wouldn't have any dangerous situations! Well, when the last string was pulled nothing happened! Brian had been holding up the pinata and was suddenly attacked by 20 angry kids! They smacked and punched and tore off Sponge Bobs' limbs! Finally the candy came pouring out and the savage beasts were soothed. It got really hairy for a few minutes!

After the candy, I handed out t-shirts and the kids colored them in! I made the t-shirts with iron on transfers on the computer. They said Sean's 4th Birthday with a big hippo head! They were a huge hit! All the kids were exhausted after the party and we headed home to open Sean's presents!

On the way out a police officer in town stopped by to pick up the deposit form the pool. Brian and I went to high school with him, so he let the kids have a look in the car and even take turns "driving." Of course their favorite part was seeing where the bad guys sit!

I forgot to post this picture with the rest -
a tootsie roll means clear the pool!

Sean going swimming

Brian and his friend AlexisSean swimming
Brian doing the backstroke
Sean blowing out his candle Sean and the pinata
Brian has his turn
Justin with a hippo mask!
cousin Alexa the hippo
Brian working on his shirt cousin Alexa posing
cousins - Chris, Pat and JCBrian and Sean playing hockeyuh, oh - the police!Justin had a good time too!

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