Sunday, September 30, 2007


I was thinking the other day about nicknames. I am not sure why but all of the boys have "B" nicknames - Brian is Bear, Sean is Biscuit and Justin is Bambooie. Then I remembered that Brian Sr.'s Dad used to call him Boo because he had big wide eyes and he always looked scared. Hmm, the only nickname I ever had was Brownie (my maiden name is Brown). I guess that mean all of us have "B" nicknames! The dog is the odd man out - he is Roc Wizzer - he got this name because of how often he marks his territory when we got for walks. By the end of a walk he still lifts his leg - it must be out of habit because there is nothing left to mark with!

It is funny because I call both Brians "Bri" yet that is not really a name, and Sean gets Seany and that is also not really a name. My brother had a friend growing up whose name was Evan - his Mom wanted a name with no nicknames. Yep, you guessed it, my brother called him Ev!

So, I guess we had better start coming up with some "B" nicknames for Kathryn Julia when she arrives home! Or maybe it will just hit us when we see her. Maybe we should ask Sean - where he came up with Jusitn Bambooie I will never know! I just called Jusitn Booger Beans too - maybe that is an option for Kathryn! That is two "B" names! Bonus!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Self-Parking Cars - Ugh!

I was watching TV last night and laughed out loud at a commercial! This doesn't happen very often. Most commercial that are supposed to be funny just leave me with a blank stare or a huge sigh! Well, a commercial came on from Audi. In the beginning, it was the typical luxury car commercial - lots of views of a maxed out car and it driving around sharp curves at high speeds. Then it showed someone parallel parking - by themselves! A voice came on and said, " Audi, luxury cars for drivers that can park themselves." I couldn't stop laughing!

I thought this was such a funny play on the cars that now advertise to be able to parallel park themselves. They show drivers that have their hands off the wheel and the cars just park. I have to say I have never seen it in person, but it does seem a little far fetched to me. What about different sized spots? What if you are in the wrong position to start parking - like no close enough to the car in front of you or at a wrong angle?

These cars take all the fun out of the driver's test! Does anyone dread a right hand turn or using blinkers - no! Everyone I knew was afraid of parallel parking. I know many adults that can still not parallel park - so maybe these self-parking cars are good for them. Or maybe it is my "be in control" personality that makes me afraid. I don't think I could physically sit there and let a car park itself - especially if there were expensive cars on either side of me! So, hats off to Audi!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Spoons and Forks and Applesauce, Oh My!

This morning I took Brian and Sean to school and then came back to put Justin to sleep. After that it was my usual pick up the clutter in the living room and dining rooms. Then onto the kitchen. My problem is that by the time I get everything straightened, I have run out of time to clean before the boys get home and to put it nicely - "un-straighten" everything!

From time to time I do find some strange things. Sean, for a while, got a kick out of hiding spoons and forks in the chair and couch cushions. I guess he figured then he didn't have to put them in the sink and miss any of the Sponge Bob episode he had seen 400 times! My favorite forks where the ones with maple syrup still on them from waffles - really gooey after a few weeks of hiding! I also have found plates and bowls under the couch and chair and suspect Sean but he has never been caught in the act for this!

At least the silver wear can later be identified. I have found some things under the cushions that I just throw away - I still to this day don't know what they were and nor do I ever want to know! Other than that I find matchbox cars, action figures, action figure weapons, wrappers to peanut butter crackers and fruit snacks and pop-tarts! There are also lots of crumbs and dog hair and the occasional lost board game or puzzle piece.

Today my surprise, oddly enough, was not in the cushions - or in their beds. My favorite int eh bed surprise was about 200 Starburst form a big family pack. They were all down in the bottom of Sean's bed tucked in between his bottom and top sheets - at least they still had wrappers on them. I figure he had a few midnight snacks - my fear was that he would soon have some bunk mates with six or eight legs! Yuck!

Okay, back to today. I found about eight packs of the single serve applesauce piled under the little kids table in our living room. When Sean came home, I asked him about it and he said, "I wanted them there so when I get hungry I don't have to run to the kitchen!" He is so his Dad's son. Brian Sr. is still asking for a fridge in the living room next to the couch. Sure, no problem - how about a fridge and TV in the bathroom too? I won't even ask for real - don't want to give him anymore ideas! How much more lazy can the two of them get. Sean asks his Dad to lay on the couch with him and watch TV or take a nap - Brian Sr. just looks my way with a smile. He knows he will get yelled at or dirty looks at a minimum for laying around. But when Sean asks...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Red Yarn, Darn!

Brian must have done some kind of art project in school with red yarn! Justin's once white, now pink, onsie clued me in. Then I found a piece of yarn in the dryer - and several more in the pocket of a pair of his shorts! Ugh! Luckily the rest of the load was dark and the onsie must have "snuck" in by accident!

Doing wash drives me crazy sometimes. There is nothing worse than a load of wash ruined by something red! And those mysterious dryer spots that appear on dark clothing! I love the commercial where the woman has put something with a stain in the dryer so now the stain is set in the clothing. The next thing you see, she is tossing her dryer out of the upstairs window! My dryer is in the basement, so that wouldn't be possible. But I have kicked the washer and the dryer before!

I daydream about one of those huge new washer that can do about 100 pairs of jeans and 50 comforters at once! Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating a little! And to have my washer and dryer upstairs - ooooh! It would be heaven - I would even go for just on the first floor!

the guilty red string
Justin's pink onsie
a closer view

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cheesy Dog!

I was making sandwiches for lunch today and tossed Roc a piece of cheese. He caught the first piece in his mouth but dropped a little on the floor. As he went to find the dropped piece, I tossed him another one. This one he didn't see coming and it landed in the middle of his back! He walked around in circles and kept sniffing the floor and up into the air! I just stood there laughing for a few minutes, thinking he would soon figure it out. After a bit he gave up searching, and walked toward me. He got another whiff of cheese and started searching again! I decided to get the camera because this was too funny! I should have taken some video too!

He gets treated just like one of the kids - do something funny and Mom gets the camera before she helps you out! I did give him the cheese after I took the pictures!

searching the floor
(cheese square in upper right of picture)

just can't quite see it still thinking about it
close-up view

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


These pictures are also from Sean's trip. I just couldn't resist all the pumpkins and the great sunshine! He was so excited to sit on the pumpkins and have his picture taken. Justin's was a little harder - he kept wanting to stare at the huge orange things!

Sean and Justin
what a smile
look at those cheeks!
Sean Justin


It was 5:50 pm and I was in the kitchen making dinner. Tomorrow will be two weeks since we sent in the doctor letter's for Brian's diabetes to our adoption agency. The woman told me it would be one or two weeks until we heard from them. I remember glancing at the clock about twenty minutes before and thinking it was after business hours, so no call today!

And then the phone rang. Brian looked at the called ID and said it was our adoption agency! My heart started to race and he was smart enough to let me answer the phone! I felt like I did when I was awaiting the results of a pregnancy test and I saw the fertility doctor's name appear on the phone. I wanted to answer so badly but then I didn't want to answer because I was so afraid of bad news.

I decided to answer and the woman asked how I was. I said, "Fine. How are you?" She replied, "I'm good, thanks." Okay, at this point I am trying to read the tone of her voice - is she happy or sad about what she has to tell me. Then it came, she said, "We reviewed the information you sent us. And I am happy to tell you that you are pre-approved for the Korea program!" I was so relieved and happy. I definitely felt lighter. It was just like someone telling me I was pregnant. But this time I will have an elephant's pregnancy - it will be almost two years until we can bring our daughter home! We are hoping for summer of 2009!

We are being sent our homestudy packet with more forms and paperwork and appointments!

I had a smile on my face the rest of the night and had trouble sleeping because I was so happy! Things are finally working out the way I wanted and the way I planned in regards to adding to our family. Life is good!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sean's Apple Picking

Sean had his first school trip today! We went apple picking. He had a great time but it was, to me, a lot of money ($11 for each of us) for a seven minute hayride and he and I only got to pick four apples! So that is $22 for 8 apples and a hayride! Then the cool playground they had was an additional charge - we have several free ones near home, so no playground! At least feeding the animals was included. They said the cost of bus transportation has gone up a lot this year.

"Feeding" the animals consisted of grabbing handfuls of corn and shoving it down a chute. I know with disease that "petting zoos" aren't safe anymore but the poor animals weren't even hungry. So, the kids ran around and dropped corn down the PVC pipe chutes. It piled up in a big mountain as the animals sleepily stared! How fun is that?

Maybe the kids really did have fun and I am just an old party pooper. Ooops, that bathroom humor is still rubbing off on me - I just cannot escape it! Maybe it is because I have been to this farm about ten times to go apple and pumpkin picking. Poor Justin, I probably won't let him sign up at all!

But being the car seat fanatic that I am, I didn't let Sean ride on the bus. So, we still got charged for it. He is still in a five-point harness type car seat and I just couldn't put him on a bus in a lap belt! The teachers did try to talk me out of it. And someone that overheard the conversation actually said I could probably fit the baby carrier with Justin on the bus so I could ride with Sean! Yikes!

He has a the same trip planned in a few weeks but instead of apples they are doing pumpkins, Sean will not be attending that one.

picking apples
big tractor wheel
feeding the animals
Go Tau Sig!
Chicken facts

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Spork, A Pear and A ?

Okay, the spork doesn't really have to do with anything but I found it in Brian's lunch box. Not sure why he wanted to bring it home. It stirred up some lunch room memories for me - I haven't seen a spork in years! I remember that they used to give us trial mix in one of the squares on the Styrofoam trays when we bought lunch. Let me tell you, the spork is a really great launching mechanism for trail mix!

I found this pear in the fruit bowl in the kitchen. It looked really good and I was making a good food choice. Then I picked it up and noticed the teeth marks. Apparently we have fruit biting goblins because no one is claiming to have done this. Brian Sr. got eliminated because his mouth is much bigger than this. Roc is free from blame because he would not have left anything behind. Justin has no teeth yet. So that leaves Brian and Sean because I know it wasn't me - unless I was sleepwalking one night. But I would think that if I was going to the kitchen while sleepwalking that I would have grabbed the cookies and ice cream! My bet is that Sean did it but short of getting their dental records or impressions, I have no proof...Yet!

A few days ago I found this on the floor in the basement. You know that thing on the floor that catches your eye. Then you go back to look at it closer. I stooped down for a better look. Turned on a light for a better look. Hmmm, still not sure what it was or if I wanted to touch it. I went upstairs and got a napkin to pick it up. It still took me a few minutes to discover that is was a blueberry! I don't even want to guess how long that has been in the floor and trampled on - at least it wasn't sporting any mold. It was soft and smooth and kind of like leather. I could start a new line of shoes or purses - when they go out of style just eat them - no more taking up closet space!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Dad is the Boss!

Brian had a friend over after soccer today and they were arguing about whose Dad works the least. Not the best or the most but the least. It started because they were playing with plastic tools and were a work crew. They were deciding who should be the boss. So Brian says, "My Dad is the boss at his work!" Alexis says, "My Dad is the boss too!" (all tied up!)

Then Brian says, "My Dad doesn't do any work. He just sits at his desk on the computer. Sometimes he has to talk to people and tell them how to play golf!" Alexis is right with him and says, "My Dad is on the computer and the phone all day too. And sometimes he has to drive somewhere and tell people what to do!" (extra innnings)

After this they decide to both be the boss since both of their Dad's seem to equally do no work! I guess that is why it is so great to be an adult from a kid's view. You get bigger and stronger. You can stay up all night. You can watch PG-13 movies. You can eat cake for breakfast. You can have a cat. You can mow the lawn whenever you want. You get to use real tools. You can tell people what to do. You can wear shorts and a tank top in January. You don't have homework! You have a job, get paid, and do no work! Sounds pretty good to me - where do I sign up?

After they played with the tools, they decided to hop. You know that fun thing kids do when there is nothing else better to do. Let's just exercise and tire ourselves out because we can! Alexis says, "Look, I can hop on one foot!" So, Brian and Sean hop on one foot. Alexis says, "I can hop like this for 24 hours!" So Brian and Sean keep hopping. Then she says, "Well I could hop for 24 hours, but my mom will tell me to go to bed so I probably won't be allowed to!" Oh, if only she were a grown-up then she could hop on one foot for 24 hours whenever she wanted!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ice Cream Melts

I open Brian Jr.'s lunchbox and find a chocolate explosion. I was on the playground after school and of course all of the other Mom's there were laughing at me. Well, not laughing at me but with me! Then I show the lunch box to my sister-in-law and she laughs. My nephew Chris walks over and runs his finger along the inside of the lunch box. He then puts his finger in his mouth and says, "Mmmm, chocolate!" Yuck, gross, disgusting - fill in any adjective you like.

I call to Brian and ask him what happened. He says, "I didn't finish all of my ice cream and wanted to bring it home." I say, "Um, didn't you think it would melt?" He says, "No there was an ice pack in there." I put one of those re-freezable ice packs to keep his lunch cool and I guess he thought that was the same as a freezer! Ugh! Thankfully all the chocolate did wash out and we didn't have to buy a new lunch box!

As you will notice from the pictures, he also brings home a lot of trash. I don't know why he feels the need to do this. He still hasn't figured out one thing that the older kids have, though. If I pack him something healthy like carrot sticks, sometimes he eats some and sometimes he doesn't. Either way he brings them home and I can say, "Why didn't you eat your carrots or cucumber etc.?" If he was smart he would throw them away and tell me he ate them!

If he buys lunch, I still pack him a few snacks and a juice because the lunch only comes with milk, and he doesn't like milk, and is $2.10. He can also buy tickets for juice but they are $1.25! Okay $2.10 is a great price for lunch but $1.25 for juice - no thanks!

And when he buys lunch he still brings home some of that in his lunch box! I have found rolls, pieces of a soft pretzel, chips, salsa and nachos (luckily the salsa was in a sealed container), fries, and fruit. He will bring home a bag that had cookies or chips with one little crumb left in it! I guess I should be thankful that he is not throwing away good food - but I usually throw away most of it that night!

chocolate here...
and there...

and everywhere!
the trash heap

Thursday, September 20, 2007

End of the Road

Well, sadly the Riversharks lost tonight - so the season is over. Brian Jr. was even lucky enough to chase down a foul ball! He dove into the middle of a pile of older kids and came out with the ball! He ran over to us with a huge smile - he was so proud! Then he showed us he got a cut on his knee. Brian Sr. gave him a high five and told him, "That's what you are supposed to do - get the ball at any cost!" For some reason the cut on his knee didn't really hurt. If we had been home he would have been complaining for hours and hours! Maybe next time he falls down I should toss a baseball his way!

It was Brad's last game and very emotional at the end. He came over and gave his Mom a hug and handed her his jersey. Then he took off his hat and put it on Brian Jr.! I don't think I have ever seen a bigger smile on his face. It was the hat Brad had worn all year.

Brian turned to his Dad and I and showed it to us. He let Sean try it on for a second and then asked me, "Mom do you want to try on the hat?" I said, "No thanks, you can wear it." I was polite to him but thinking "No Way!" to myself. You should see the hat - worn all summer in a million degree weather. The hat is dark blue and had white marks all over it from the sweat. Yea, sure plop that right on my head, no problem. But the blood, sweat, and tears is what makes it so special to Brian. But then again he will touch his Dad's shoes too!

wishing Brad luck before the game
Sean and "Blankie"
Brian Sr., Justin and Finley
Brian and the foul ball
Brian and Brad's hat

Treading Water

Lately I feel like I cannot get my head above water. There are always three places I need to be at once and ten things I need to be doing at the same time. If you have kids - you know what I mean. There are normal chores and soccer and CCD and homework and kids to school and errands etc. All while making sure Justin is fed and on the right schedule to be able to do everything we need to get done in a day.

I feel like I just finished all the wash but there is the hamper full of three loads glaring at me! How can that be? I noticed Justin scratched himself on his cheek. I went to check his nails to see if maybe I missed a sharp edge or something and then realized that all his nails needed to be cut? Didn't I just do that two or three days ago? I guess it was longer? That means I had better check the boys' finger nails too! Then I looked at him and tried to remember when he last had a bath. I know it has been more than two days - could it be three - maybe four! Ugh! Again I was reminded Brian and Sean probably need a bath too! Hmmmm - how long has it been since I ran the dishwasher? Was the dog fed tonight? - I think so...

These are the things that keep me from falling asleep right away at night. Did I pay the cable bill? I have to balance the checking account! Oops - forgot to change Sean's appointment. Brian needs to bring in something to share on Tuesday - no toys. Sean has a trip on Monday and needs a lunch. (Still having issues about him going on a bus without a booster seat and only a lap belt.) We have soccer on Mondays and Saturdays - and I need to find and wash Brian's shirt. Did I pack Brian's lunch? Does Sean have enough dairy and egg free snacks left at school? Ugh - I forgot to call the insurance company about getting reimbursed for a self pay visit from June! And forgot to call the groomer to make the dog an appointment! What night was Brain Sr.'s doctor appointment? I know there was a funny story for the blog and I forgot to write it down - now I cannot remember! Do I have clean underwear for tomorrow? When is the last time I got a shower? I could go on forever!

Why do the days seem so short when you have so much to do? I would have liked my awkward junior high days to go by this quickly. I wish the minutes in Calculus class had flown by like they do now! How about number the days it took to get pregnant - now that's one wish I would gladly make! I spend most of the day trying to get things organized and schedules straight and get the most important things done first - that is if I can remember them - sorry dust you are not high on the list!

The funny part is I love the chaos and unpredictability of being a Mom - I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Some Pictures

Here are some various pictures from the past few days. Enjoy!

Justin checking out a football
Sean and Justin
Justin with Joe's "autograph" by Brian
Justin and the football again
Justin loves his jump-up!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Few Funnies

I have seen these things posted on signs and other places over the past few months. I thought they were pretty funny!

On a church sign on a hot summer day - "Hot enough for you? Think about it."

On the curb side in front of a house - "Slow, No wake!"

On a banner for a meeting about men and women - "Women always right. Men never wrong!"

At Brian's school in the lunch room for the nut-free table - "I'm nutty enough without nuts!"

And a few quotes from the kids:

While getting gas, Sean (in a whining voice)said, "Why do we always have to get regular gas? Why can't we get something different just one time, Mom! I don't like regular all the time! Does all gas smell? Do fire trucks use regular gas? What about golf carts?" He doesn't hold one train of thought too long!

After being told he can maybe play flag football in the Spring, Brian said, "I don't want to play flag football. I want to play football. You know, shoulder pad football! When you can wear helmets too!" You know, the one were he can break bones - not at age 6!

I was babysitting Macie and she was crying because I wouldn't let her do something. Sean with his fingers in his ears said, "Mom, make it stop, make it stop! I cant' hear the TV!" Glad he is learning some compassion!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Food Allergies

Sean had his annual "scratch test" today at the allergist. He is allergic to dairy and eggs. His doctor said a lot of kids outgrow them by school age, so we have him tested every year to check, and hopefully see progress. His milk one was still pretty bad but the egg one showed some improvement. And since he has had a few accidental exposures without a reaction, the doctor ordered blood work. We should get the results back in about a week and then if the blood work comes back okay, we will do a food test at the doctor's office.

Brian is allergic to tree nuts, not peanuts, but has only been tested once since this is an allergy that isn't outgrown. He had one exposure to cashews when he was two years old and has had nothing else since. But the paperwork and doctors notes to get him an Epi-pen and Benadryl at school will drive you nuts (ha ha). He has a girl in his grade that is allergic to tree nuts also. Brian's is pretty easy to deal with - most kids don't eat too many tree-nuts.

I cannot believe the number of kids with food allergies today! I remember having maybe one in the whole school when I was little and now it is the norm to have two or three in each class! And our cousin Macie that I watch has a dairy and a wheat allergy. Of course, like everything undesirable - I blame it on their Dad. I tell them, "Yep, You got your smelly feet and allergies from your Dad!" Then have to add, "Your good looks and brains - all from Mom!" They laugh because their Dad tells them the opposite when I am not listening!

So Sean doesn't suffer too much I make a lot of foods special for him. Can you imagine - no pancakes, waffles, donuts, cake, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, cheese, yogurt etc? Even some lunch meats and hot dogs have non fat milk powder in them - not sure why though! We call all the soy products "special" and don't let anyone else use them so things he is getting something no one else has! Hopefully Justin will be allergy free!

Latch On, Latch Off

Justin has a new game - he can latch on and off while nursing. He thinks he is so great and gives me big smiles when he does this! It is really cute! And of course his favorite time to do this is in public or when we have to go somewhere and I don't have all day for him to play! Most of the time he just wants to smile at me but other times he is just nosy. When the boys come in the room or he hears a sound, he has to turn his head and arch his back to try to see where it is coming form!

He even has more tricks - bite mommy - even toothless gums hurt! And my favorite - bite mommy and then throw your head back at a hundred miles per hour while still biting! He really gets a kick out of this one and giggles and giggles when I jump and yell, "OUCH!" Needless to say, I am in no hurry for his teeth to come in.

Sean wasn't a big biter. The reason Brian got weaned was because he bit me three nights in a row. Three strikes and you're out in my book. The next night he got a sippy cup with milk and that was the end of nursing. I was a little sad because it ended so suddenly. It was a nice quiet bonding time with him - especially after he was mobile.

I am glad that I am/was able to nurse the boys. I know it isn't for everyone but it is special to me. To see them grow and thrive, and know that it is from the milk I make for them and the love our family gives to them. I am not one of those people who believe babies that aren't nursed are at a disadvantage. I nursed Brian and Sean for six months until I added anything else to their diets - and they both still got food allergies. I did read that breast feeding exclusively for six months can lower their risk for diabetes - so with Brian Sr. a diabetic I figured I would give them the best odds. Breast feeding is a lot of work and it one of the biggest commitments I have ever made - but to me, well worth it!

Monday, September 17, 2007


The boys were watching TV and there was a break in cartoons. A little boy came on and was making soft pretzels with his mom. So, they decided it would be a great idea. I bought a box kit from a store in the mall. All you had to do was mix things together and wait an hour for the dough to rise. We had a lot of fun - although rolling the dough was a lot harder than they thought it would be. We made letters and other different shapes! They tasted pretty good - but the recipe said to baste them with butter right when they come out of the oven and we couldn't do that with Sean's dairy allergy.

kneading the dough
more kneading
rolling the dough
in the oven
watching closely
Sean's "S" Brain's pretzel
eating - the best part!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sean Highlights

In the last few days Sean has done and said some crazy things - but that is par for the course around here! We looked and looked for Blankie one morning and even I was getting worried. I had to remind myself we hadn't left the house and Blankie was here earlier. He cannot move of his own free will - that I know of! So he had to be around here somewhere. I had just about given up and was getting ready to make the boys some lunch.

I went the fridge and you'll never guess what I found - Blankie! I yelled for Sean to come and look! He was so happy that he was jumping up and down and squealing wiht delight! I asked him, "Did you put Blankie in the fridge?" He said, "Yes, Blankie was too hot and he wanted to be cool." Well, there you have it!

Another day he was going potty and ran out and forgot to wash his hands and turn off the light. So I sent him back in. He was in there too long with the water running - time to go in after him! I caught him just as he was backing away from the sink- water everywhere! In our downstairs bathroom the sink and toilet are very close to one another - we call it our closet bathroom! Well, he was standing on the potty and leaning over to the sink. He was resting his hips on the side of the sink - with his pants down. I say, "Sean I hope you are not peeing in the sink!" He says, "No Mom! I was washing my peep - it had a spot on it!" I know correct terms for the anatomy are the thing to do now but I just cannot bear to hear my little kids using those terms. So when Brian was little instead of saying peeing he used to say peeping - so that is where we got "peep" from!

On Friday he was having Chicken Nuggets and Smiley fries - his meal of choice lately. He asked for eight nuggets and six fries. For some reason he has really been into counting things lately. He was eating and I asked him if I could have one nugget. He said, "No I am going to eat eight." Macie was also eating with him - she had kidney beans, noodles and apples. The phone rang, and just as I answer it, I hear laughter from the kitchen.

I go in to see Sean tossing nuggets to the dog like they were treats. Macie and Sean think that the dog jumping up to catch nuggets is the funniest thing in the world. I am hurt because my kid will toss nuggets to the dog before he will share with his Mom! I take Sean's plate away and rinse off the ketchup before putting it in the dishwasher. My back is turned and I hear laughter again. This time Macie is throwing hand-fulls of kidney beans at Roc. He is jumping up with his mouth wide open and while some beans make it into his mouth, most just hit him right in the face and head. But this doesn't stop him - he continues to take fire in hopes of catching a few treats! I have to turn away so they don't see me laughing.

I get the kitchen and Macie and Roc cleaned up and put them in the living room. As I am loading the dishwasher again, my mind goes to the movie Mr. Mom and what happens to the baby when she eats too many beans. I really hope that doesn't happen to the dog...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Wash Creator

Brian Jr. goes through more outfits than a girl getting ready for her first date! He gets dressed in the morning - outfit one. Then decides to play baseball and either wears his Riversharks Jersey or his t-ball shirt - outfit two. The outfit wouldn't be complete without the long socks, cleats, baseball pants, hat and yes a belt too! But he doesn't have a baseball belt so he just wears his brown leather belt - quite a sight. After he is finished he comes in and usually gets in trouble for putting on different clothes - outfit three. I don't understand why he cannot just wear what he originally had on! He will usually want to also play football and then needs to get on that jersey - either Delaware or the Eagles - outfit four. He needs to have on the helmet and shoulder pads, baseball pants that substitute for football pants and cleats with long socks! He drives me crazy.

Then my Mom came over one day and noticed that one of the exersaucer's toys had a screw lose on it. Well, do you think Brian could just go into the kitchen and get the screwdriver? Nope - he had to go back upstairs and put on a shirt and carpenter jeans and work boots - outfit six. Then he had to go to the basement and get his tool belt. After all that he was ready for the two seconds it took to tighten a screw! And he wasn't done with outfits yet! He went back to baseball and football a few times and probably had another shorts and t-shirt outfit thrown in there too - too many more to count!

I am glad he has a great imagination and the role-playing is great. My problem is that he cannot put things away correctly and neatly and that he wears too many outfits. When he does clean up after himself, it is throwing everything on the floor into the hamper - even if he only wore it for two seconds to tighten a screw! After it has been thrown in the hamper with dirty clothes or in the back of the closet it is too wrinkly to be worn again without washing it!

He has always been into costumes. It all started when he was two and his cousin Collin was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. Whenever he played with Collin he wanted to wear that costume. I bet you will never guess what he was for Halloween when he turned three! That Buzz costume is worn out. He wore it to the grocery store, to the mall, even packed it for the trip tot the beach! Everyone thought it was so-o-o cute!

He did look really cute and like Sean's boots it was one of those pick your battles situations and he really wasn't hurting anything. I had to laugh when he was quoting Buzz Lightyear though. He would be riding on the side of a cart and say " I come in peace!" or "To infinity and beyond!" He would shoot people with a fake laser on his arm and push on his chest to pop out his wings. He was so serious and really thought he was Buzz.

Brian was four when the next character obsession happened. He turned from Buzz to Peter. Peter Pan that is. He would dress as Peter Pan and made my Mom Captain Hook. When she came over he would go and get his swords and costumes and they would fight a duel! He even picked out a Captain Hook hat for my Mom one Christmas! Brian would go out back and swing on his belly to simulate flying. He liked flying in the middle of the day the best when he could see his shadow!

He also likes to dress up as Power Rangers, astronauts, Ninja Turtles, a golfer (AKA Dad), a hippo (usually Sean's idea), a dog (complete with Roc's collar and bowl of water on the floor), and whatever else he is into on that day. But the outfits have to be authentic. If he is Dad - he needs the same color shirt and pants that Dad left in, similar shoes, wallet, cell phone and briefcase bag! Oh and don't forget the name tag he uses from his Dad's meetings last year. Good thing they have the same name! If he is a dog or a hippo or another animal he puts socks on his hands and feet because those animals don't have fingers and toes like he does!

He didn't have a NASA patch to play astronaut so he drew one and taped it to his shirt. He wore all white and then realized it didn't really look like a space suit. So he went upstairs and put on two pairs of sweat pants under the suit to make it look "puffy" just like the astronauts! I could go on and on...

So, at the end of any given day, Brian has worn about five outfits and that means about five times as much wash as anyone else in the house. Even Justin doesn't spit up on that many things! He really has a great time but all the wash really piles up! Sean likes to get in on the action too but his imagination is more in his head and he can play golfer or astronaut without having to look just like them!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tiny, Small, Medium?

Sean wanted something from the kitchen. So I asked, "What would you like?" He said, "You know the tiny, small, medium thing." Huh? Oh, that! - what a clear description. I say, "Hmmm, not sure what that is buddy." Sean says, "You know, Mom. The thing in the kitchen that is tiny, small medium!" I say, "Sean I am sorry, I have no idea what you want." Do you want to come and show me?" Sean says, "No, you can bring it to me." I say, "I would bring it to you but I don't know what you are talking about!" Next the commercial went off the TV and Sponge Bob came on - he lost his train of thought. He never asked again and I still have no idea what he wanted.

Maybe he was dreaming something last night? That reminds me of when Brian was about two or so. He woke up searching the house for his yellow tow truck. (He didn't have a yellow tow truck - or even a tow truck.) He was so sad and upset and then got mad at me because since he couldn't find it he figured that I threw it away. He went on about it all day. Then I took him to my Mom's to run some errands and what do I find - a big yellow tow truck! What are the odds? If that is what he wanted for Christmas, I would have never found one! So, of course I had to get it for him! I took it out of the box and told him I found it at home. I think he dreamt about it the night before and in his mind he really had a yellow tow truck!

Then, Later that day, he was eating lunch and had a Power Rangers sword next to him. He says, "Mom, this is a special sword! This part shoots our fire and this part shoots out ketchup! I can cook the bad guys and then put ketchup on them!" What a way to go - at least he didn't add and then eat them! He can finally say ketchup - his pronunciation of choice - and our sometimes used to be "chep-a." Too cute.

I honestly don't know where Sean gets these things from. His Dad and brother and I are all really more on the shy and quiet side. If he didn't look so much like his brothers, I would wonder where he came from. There is never a dull moment with him - which is sometimes good and sometimes bad! I wake up wondering what he will do next!

Brad #16!

They retired Brad's jersey at the Riversharks game tonight! It was the last regular season game for the team this year and the last regular season game for Brad. Brian Sr.a dn I were sad - we have been going to games for five years! The jersey tht little Brian started wearing was down past his knees and now it almost too small for Sean. It really shows me how much they have grown! Good luck Brad in all that you do! And don't worry Riversharks - we will still be at the games, wearing our #16 jerseys of course! We have so much fun at the games! Here are some pictures of the boys at the games over tha past few years. I still have the ones form tonight on the camera!

Sean 2006

Sean 2006
Brad and Sean 2006
Brian 2006
Sean 2006
Sean 2004

Brian 2004
Sean 2004
Brian 2005
Brian 2005Sean 2005