Monday, August 31, 2009

It's A Girl!!!

After 1 year, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days of officially waiting, we introduce Kathryn Julia YiSeul! Born March 21, 2009; she is 5 months, one week and 3 days old! She weighed in at 6.4 lbs! She is very healthy - an oh so cute! I am in love already! In May she was up to 11.6 lbs and 22.3 in.

I was getting ready to meet my friends for brunch when the call came in. My mom answered the phone and Brian Jr. yelled upstairs for me to pick up. I was not even thinking referral call because for some reason I thought that it was Sunday! My social worker was on the other line and immediately said that she had good news for me! I started crying and had to make her repeat everything all over again. I heard her the first time, the words just didn't compute!

I was at my friend Heather's when I got the e-mail! I was almost afraid to click on the attachment with the photo. I was so sure this was a dream and her photo would not be there! Crazy, I know!

Back in April and May I jumped whenever the phone rang. And this month, I have not even been thinking about the call coming for another few months! I was so-o-o surprised!

We hope to travel in about 3-4 months. I really, really hope she is home for Christmas! Also, these are newborn photos, we should be getting updated ones soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two Boys in the Tub

Since Brian is too "old" for baths anymore, just Sean and Justin had fun with bubbles! They made all kinds of faces and loved sticking bubbles all over themselves! Justin copied everything that Sean did. When Sean dunked his head, put his face in the water, put bubbles on his face, spit water, then so did Justin! Sean got annoyed and it was a good taste of his own medicine for when he does that to Brian!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heave Ho!

Justin pushed a chair from the dining room into the living room today. He pushed and shoved and grunted the whole way. I just let him go because I wanted to see what he was thinking. He pushed it all the way to in front of the TV and then stood up. Then he started dancing! I guess he was looking for a stage! Sean joined in on the dancing fun too!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Whiskers on Kittens...

I was putting lotion on the boys today to get ready for the pool. I got Brian coated first and then moved onto Sean. I don't know if it was the light from the window, or he just sprouted hair overnight, but Sean's legs had so much more hair on them than Brian's. I said something to him about having hairy legs...

Sean - Yup, just like Daddy!
Brian - No! I have a lot of hair on my legs too!
( I have to admit Brian is like his Dad too!)
Me - Yes, Brian, you have hair too like Dad.
Sean - Daddy has whiskers on his face too.
Brian - We will get them too when we get older.
Sean - Yea, just like mouses and cats.
Brian - He does not have whiskers like cats!
Sean - Well, Daddy's don't really grow that long!
(Brian and I laughing.)
Sean - Daddy's aren't long because he has a shaver!

Oh, this kid is too much! Does he really think Brian would look like a cat or mouse with long whiskers sticking out the side of his face if he didn't shave? So, the only thing that makes men and mice different are razors?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The T-Shirts Arrived!!!

I am so excited! After many months of searching - I found the perfect shirts! I love that I could do a custom order, so that each kid had their own specific title embroidered on! Brian is biggest brother, Sean is bigger brother, Justin is big brother, and Kathryn will be little sister!

Lisa from Tattletale Designs was beyond wonderful! Her replies were quick and she showed me proofs before she made the shirts. I wanted a onsie in an 18 month size, and she even ordered one for me! The shirts are even better in person than I thought they would be. And the shipping was really quick too! Thanks again Lisa!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Blue Tongue Boys

My Mom took the boys to the pool today and returned them like this! No doubt they talked her into buying them some kind of blue candy! But that's what Grandmoms are for! Right?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Laziest Dog Ever!

I was cleaning up the kitchen this afternoon and Roc, as usual, came in with me. I was rinsing dishes in the sink to put them in the dishwasher. I started to open the dishwasher and told Roc to move, but he just looked at me. So, I lowered the door thinking that he would move. Nope! He stayed on the floor under the dishwasher door the whole time I loaded it, and when I went to get the camera! Crazy dog!

Monday, August 24, 2009

To the Zoo!

The heat wave subsided a bit today, so we headed of to the Philadelphia Zoo! The boys all had a great time, and were very tired when we got home! Justin loved the monkeys and the prairie dogs! Sean's favorite was the hippos and Brian always loves the reptile house!

Justin on the carousel
butterfly that the boys chased
Seanthis gorilla was posing!
these monkeys are always like this when we go
Justin loved chasing the peacocksI couldn't resist capturing the smiling frogJustin was afraid of the statue!
the hippos!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stunt Boy

Justin has learned that falling down is funny. Ah, he has officially started his journey into manhood. People getting hurt is funny. He will soon roll off the couch onto the floor while watching other's home videos on TV. The ones where the kid hits the dad between the legs will have him so hysterical that it will almost make him pee.

Now we just need the bathroom humor to begin and he will be another step closer. I am so out numbered in this house!

on a mission...
falling on purpose
and another fall
Roc just watches..this is old news to him

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daddy Fun!

The boys had fun until their Dad's arms and back gave out. It started as Sean and Justin jumping on him and wrestling with him. Then Sean wanted a ride on his Dad's back. So, Justin wanted on. Then Sean wanted to surf. So, Justin wanted to surf. Then Justin jumped off the side! That kid is going to be in some kind of extreme sport when he is older - no sense and no fear to me equal x-games!

Justin jumped about 20 times before his Dad collapsed to the ground. Then he cried for about ten minutes - "Daddy. Jump. Again. Please. Daddy. Justin jump! Now! Again! Daddy!!!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

No News....

...isn't always good news! I called our adoption agency again today. There still hasn't been much progress, although one family ahead of us has been matched with a girl. I really hope it doesn't take 3-4 months for the next family to be matched with a girl. This wait is really getting difficult, and no one really knows how much longer we will be waiting....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Growling and Raspy

I have no idea what has come over Justin. He now talks in this growling, raspy voice. He doesn't do it all the time, but it is so hard not to laugh when he does do it. And it is hard to understand what he is saying! I think it is his try at being funny. And he does get a good reaction out of his brothers - they get hysterical when he does it. I guess with an audience like that, he may keep this up for a while!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Sean!

Sean got his presents today from family. He was so excited to get more Legos! He is really into the Power Miners right now! And he got to choose dinner - hamburgers with pickles and ketchup! And dessert - donuts from the local bakery. Yum!

I cannot believe my middle guy is 6! He is such a fun kid. He is smart and caring. He still screams - a lot! He screams when he is happy or sad. He screams when he is excited or scared. He pretty much screams all the time! He has been this was since he found his voice at a few months old. Speaking of old, the screaming is getting old. He is getting a little bit better. But there is definitely room for improvement!

The road from 5 to 6 has been a big year for Sean. He went to pre-school. He learned to ride a bike without training wheels. He lost 4 teeth! He learned to write his name and to recognize all the letters and numbers. He also knows all the sounds associated with the letters. He developed a love for learning and asks so many good questions.

Sean has a great love for animals and is so curious about every thing from ants to elephants. He is very stingy with his hugs and kisses, which makes them all that more special when he gives them out. He loves to be read to and to play video games. Sean has a great sense of humor and his antics have definitely made our lives - and this blog - more interesting!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Isn't It Ironic

Okay, first let me start off by saying that I know it was a crazy thought to bring three boys to Target. At 11 am. Two weeks before school starts. To buy the things on their supply lists.

We got in the door fine, and then Justin wanted out of the cart. I don't let him when it is just the two of us, but Brian watches him. So, I took him out to end his whining. Well, we didn't even get past the check-outs and he wanted to push the cart. And not just help me, he wanted to do it all by himself. Head down. Mach 2 speed.

He knocked a few bags of chips off an end cap and then nearly took a woman out at the ankles. That was the last straw for me. Back in the cart he went. Apparently he did not want to be back in the cart. He proceeded to scream. Not just cry. The head all the way back like a Muppet scream. At the top of his lungs. Not stopping.

Being the seasoned Mom of three boys that I am, I just kept shopping. Hand sanitizer - check. Tissues - check. Shampoo - check. Justin is still screaming. And showing no signs of letting up. Now Sean is beginning to whine. He wants Pokemon cards. He needs more because he only has 567 at home. And who can live without one more Pikachu or Charizard? Whining is now crying. Getting louder. And louder.

Justin is still screaming. So much, in fact, that I stop being mad and now have to smile at his ridiculousness. Sean has resorted to trying to pull me back to the trading card isle. He is holding onto the card and pulling. Sliding along the floor in his shark flip-flops. The boys are in a competition for who can be the loudest. Not sure who is winning. People are beginning to stare.

I am now pushing a cart with a screaming toddler in it and pulling along a crying almost 6 year old. Then Brian starts. He says, "Mom. Mom. Mom." I look at him and say, "Brian, not now!" I am sure something he cannot live without has caught his eye. Today, he is persistent and again says, "Mom. Mom. M-o-o-o-m!" Blood pressure rising. In a public place. Keep cool. Push on.

Brian says again, "Mom!" This time I look at him. He starts again, "But Mom, there is someone behind us." He turns around, smiles, and waves. Heart stops. Breathing quickens. Who could it be? Help!

I plastered on my best fake smile and turned around. Only to see my mother-in-law standing before me and my chaos. Face smile getting harder to wear. Hope she didn't notice my shock. Who am I kidding?

She asks why Justin is so upset. I explain about the cart pushing and the lady he almost put on crutches. He sees his Grandmom and the crying stops. Sean stops crying too. Hmmmm. Maybe this was not too bad. Maybe they were a bit embarrassed by their behavior? Wishful thinking?

Then my sister-in-law walks up another isle. They were shopping together. My sister-in-law smiles. Her face reads understanding - she has six kids. 'Been there, done that' is exchanged between us without a word. I can always tell those that have kids when mine are acting up in a store. You get the shocked and horrified look from those without kids - or with only one kid, and the sympathetic smile from those that have a few.

Anyway, the rest of the shopping was pretty uneventful and we got all but two things on the lists! One stop on the way home and we had everything finished. Feels good to have that done! I will survive....