Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Call to Our Agency

I broke down and called our agency today. Some days the wait is really hard, and it does help to talk to someone. Just to touch base. I know that no one knows when we will get our referral, but for some reason the calls make me feel better. It drives me crazy no being able to do anything but sit and wait.

One family ahead of us waiting for a girl "as healthy as possible" has been matched and is reviewing a file. So, if they accept the referral we will be one closer to getting our baby girl! We are literally taking baby steps forward!

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Waiting4OurAngel said...

I know what you mean I didn't call waiting for the referral much but waiting for TC I called and cried to LL more than once. If you ever need to vent I'm here. Hoping you call comes very soon!