Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good Friends

We left the shore this morning and drove home. We packed up more stuff to make the drive to Maryland. We are staying with my friend Erika -she is friend from college and a sorority sister - and her husband Chris. I cannot believe we have known each other for about 19 years! Boy were our lives different then! We are making the trip to Maryland to go to Raven's camp tomorrow.

We got to Erika's right before dinner. After hanging out for a bit, we went to a huge BBQ festival. Beer gardens and ribs - who needs anything more? I had really great ribs and Brian had a crab dip that was really good too. Of course, the boys had hamburgers and chicken fingers! Then they did want to taste the ribs -and they liked them!

After the festival, we put the kids to bed and sat out back on Erika's patio. I haven't seen Erika for months and months. She had a baby in March and as much as I wanted to see little Henry before now, things just never worked out.

But the great thing about good friends is that no matter how long it has been, you seem to just pick up where you left off. I was as comfortable as I would have been if we lived closer and saw each other all the time. It is a really great feeling.

As we get older, both my friends' lives and my life get busier and busier. But we always seem to stay connected. Most of us have kids and our lives have changed a lot. We have fun times and lots of laughs together. We cherish the time when our schedules align and smile about memories when we are not together. I will always be there for them when needed, and I know they will be there for me. And that's what really counts.

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