Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ravens Camp!!!!

Raven's camp was the best!!! And even though we were Eagles fans before Joe got drafted, Raven's camp beat the Eagles' by a mile, or more! It was so much easier to see the players, and we felt more like we were a part of practice than a nuisance. They boys and their friends all had a great time! I got to see a few of my college friends that I haven't seen in many months, so it was a great day for all!

We were on ESPN too! We were chosen out of the crowd to be in the background on Mort Goes to Camp! Unfortunately the segment we were in only aired mother-in-law saw it though!

Joe left family passes at his hotel for us. So, we got to meet some of the players and the boys got a ton of autographs! Of course, the climax of the day was getting to see Joe after camp! He was great with the kids and signed footballs and took many pictures with the kids! Thanks Joe!

I took over 530 pictures that day! If you are glutton for punishment or just a huge Ravens fan, all the pictures are on this photo sharing site. There are many more of the players.

Justin is scared to death of Joe -
and Joe thinks it is funny!
the boys and friends with Joe
he literally caught this on his finger tips! Joe throwing a pass
the boys and friends in their Flacco jerseysBrian and his friends
posing for a picture cool sign
the Mort bus!
the youngest Raven's fan!

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