Monday, August 10, 2009

Proud or Guitly?

I was downstairs with Justin and Brian and Sean went upstairs to play. I figured they were playing Legos in their room, as usual. After about 15 minutes, it seemed overly quiet. So, I ventured up the stairs to see what they had gotten into. I peeked in the their room. Empty. I walked back down the hall and opened the bathroom door. Two sets of wide eyes peered back at me in fear.

I found boys playing in a sink full of water with their Legos. There were Lego pieces everywhere and water all over the sink counter and floor. The front of their shirts and shorts were soaked. Now, I am not the kind of Mom that never lets my kids play in the sink. But, they do have to ask first and know it is not allowed all of the time. They are both afraid to speak as I stand there glaring with my hand on my hip. Sean finally musters up some courage...

Sean - Mom, we didn't lose any Legos down the drain!

I could not figure out if he had lost some Legos down the drain on a previous mission, and was strutting his proud peacock feathers in saying that he hadn't lost any this time. Or did he really lose them this time and make the juvenile mistake of trying to proclaim his innocence before anyone had even asked a question.

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