Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fun at the pool!

My college friends came to visit today! We hadn't gotten together in a while and they wanted to meet Jusitn! We had lunch at my house and then headed to our town pool! The kids had a blast - especially with the floaties that Barb brought! Thanks! Xander scraped his nose, Anthony fell in love with a box of Wheatables and Jessica took a bite out of almost every soft pretzel! Never a dull moment!

Xander, Sean and Brian
Sean and Brian



Anthony and his Wheatables


Xander leaving with his dolphin

Friday, June 29, 2007

Chocolate Monsters!

I was watching my friend's daughter Becca while she ran some errands. I made cupcakes for Sean since he and Brian were going to a birthday party. I have to make Sean special cupcakes since he is allergic to milk and eggs. I left he bowl with the cupcake batter by the sink and went to do a few things - well Becca told Sean they could play Chocolate Monsters! They rubbed their hands in the bowl and then smeared it onto their faces! They were laughing so hard!

Later that day we were getting ready for the pool and Sean wanted me to take a picture of his long yellow hair!

Chocolate Monsters!
Look at Me!Me too!
lovely yellow hair

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eight Weeks!

I cannot believe it has been eight weeks! Justin is still such a happy baby. He got rid of his fussy period after dinner! He loves to nap in his swing the most. He is sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night and then going down for another 3 to 4 hours after that! He loves to smile and is even beginning to laugh. It is so cute - his belly shakes and a little squeak comes out!

getting so big
serious face

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Attack of the Hose - Part 2

The boys helped their Dad cut the lawn and then decided it was time to cool off again! Brian Sr. started off with the hose and the boys were ready for revenge! They chased him and chased him until Brian got the hose. Then he had to do more chasing to squirt Dad. He was laughing so hard when he finally got him that he could barely stand up! Sean had trouble keeping his pants up - couldn't resist the photo.

armed and dangerous

safety first

trying to get the hose from Dad finally got Dad
chasing Dad again
and again
sneak attack
using Sean as a shield

break out the water guns

Did anyone call a plumber?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Watch out for the hose!

Brian Sr. was outside watering the flowers last night. Let's just say it all started with the boys wanting to drink from the hose. Which is what I thought I was getting pictures of - little did I know what what happen.... Brian Sr. told the boys the hose wasn't working. He told them come and look to see if anything was stuck in the hose! Boy are they naive. What had us laughing so hard was that they kept begging for it again and again! They must have come back 50 or so times before they had enough. Kids are no fun unless you can torture then a little, right!?! Then Brian asked his Dad if he could squirt Sean. Brian Sr. handed over the hose and Brian didn't go after Sean but went straight for his Dad! I took Justin inside and missed those pictures - there is always tomorrow, right?

Sean getting a drink
Brian getting a drinkdon't see anything, Dad
Do you see this!!!
and thisdouble blastright in the facebrain freeze?blockeddirect hit
great facewash-outdoesn't Sean learn?guess not!Sean knocked off balance
Brian trying to jump out of the wayhitting a man downdrenchedSean using his head!

Justin and Mommy

Justin loves to be in his carrier! As soon as we get outside his head just scans from side to. His eyes are moving everywhere in search of new and interesting things to look at!

what a face
happy mom
getting sleepy

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Three Sons

The boys were all hanging out on the couch this morning. It is great to see Justin now interact with Brian and Sean. He turns to look for them when he hears their voices and when they walk by him. I hate to say he gives most of his smiles to his brothers! Brian and Sean are enjoying Justin more too - now that he smiles and "talks" and seems to be interested in them. It won't be long and Justin will be making silly faces in photos too!

silly faces
big smiles
silly smiles
loving big bro
Brian took this one of Justin