Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seven Weeks Old!

The little man is growing like a weed! I know every week I say I cannot believe how big he is - but the past week or so it seems like he grows every night! I can really tell by the size of his head - when I nurse him, I hold his head in the palm of my hand. When he was fist born, my thumb and pinky finger reached around to his cheeks - now they barely make it to his ears!

He is still sleeping great and gives such great smiles! He is now making some cute noises when he smiles - it won't be long until we hear those giggles! I can't wait!

football picture
chubby cheek smile
looking at Sean
stretch and a smile
still stretching - and smiling

smiling at mom

the boys putting things on his head

not happy

Sean to the rescue...

...all better

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