Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Watch out for the hose!

Brian Sr. was outside watering the flowers last night. Let's just say it all started with the boys wanting to drink from the hose. Which is what I thought I was getting pictures of - little did I know what what happen.... Brian Sr. told the boys the hose wasn't working. He told them come and look to see if anything was stuck in the hose! Boy are they naive. What had us laughing so hard was that they kept begging for it again and again! They must have come back 50 or so times before they had enough. Kids are no fun unless you can torture then a little, right!?! Then Brian asked his Dad if he could squirt Sean. Brian Sr. handed over the hose and Brian didn't go after Sean but went straight for his Dad! I took Justin inside and missed those pictures - there is always tomorrow, right?

Sean getting a drink
Brian getting a drinkdon't see anything, Dad
Do you see this!!!
and thisdouble blastright in the facebrain freeze?blockeddirect hit
great facewash-outdoesn't Sean learn?guess not!Sean knocked off balance
Brian trying to jump out of the wayhitting a man downdrenchedSean using his head!

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