Monday, June 11, 2007

Sean - need I say more?

On the way home from driving Brian to school today Sean said "I want to go to the beach to go fishing." I asked him, " What are you going to catch?" He said, "A sandbar shark!" I asked him, "What will you do with it?" and he replied, "Catch some fish to feed it. And then drive it home to the aquarium and dump it in the shark tank!" He is one kid who always has all of the answers! He has such a wild and vivid imagination.

A few days ago Sean said, "Next year in school I want to do show-and-tell like Brian." I asked, "What special thing will you pick to bring?" He said, "My hermit crab!" I said, "Great idea, but you don't have a hermit crab." He said, "Grandmom is going to buy me one when we go to the beach house this summer. I will get a yellow one and Brian a blue one!" My mom never knew anything about this! I give up! It just blows my mind - where would he get the idea to bring a hermit crab when he doesn't have one and has never had one? The only thing I can think of is that he remembers last year when Brian's pre-K class had pet hermit crabs in the classroom!

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