Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sleeping great

Justin has developed a pretty good routine! He is eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day now - it was barely every 2 before! And at night he is eating 9pm, 10pm, 3am, 7am! I figure he will be sleeping through the night around 2 months just like his brothers! Hopefully my wishful thinking pays off!

Sean is healing nicely and counting the days until he can go in the pool and run through the sprinklers! He doesn't complain at all about his stitches until I have to put Neosporin on them! He gets to go in the big pool this summer (our town pool says they have to be 4 yrs and older - no potty accidents) I know he won't be 4 until August but we will cheat - luckily he is big enough to pass for 4! I still cannot believe he is going to pre-K in September - it should be interesting!

Brian only has 12 days left of Kindergarten - I cannot believe it even more that he will be a 1st grader! Last week he got to stay for lunch to practice for 1st grade! He can come home but most kids like to stay and play with their friends - maybe on special occasions I will pick him up! On the last day of school he gets to go to his 1st grade classroom and meet his new teacher! I hope he has as great of an experience as he did this year! he had such a wonderful and caring teacher - you can just tell that she loves what she does and that she loves her "kids"!

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