Wednesday, June 6, 2007

No More Stitches - for now!

After 9 days with no further injury, Sean got his stitches out today! He was a pretty good patient - with "Blankie" by his side! He was more upset by the numbing cream they put on him first than the actual taking out of his stitches! He looks great and everything has healed very nicely! It is still a little red and swollen from getting the stitches out - I cannot wait to see how good he looks next week! He was very excited by the skulls in the doctor's office - the doctor that did his stitches was an oral/facial surgeon. And the nurse gave him lots of Sponge Bob stickers - his favorite sticker was the yellow one! I would have never guessed! Oh, and his face isn't really that dirty - he has been giving us a hard time about scrubbing the tape marks off from his bandages. I didn't have the heart to put him through any more trauma!

TV trance
a smile, but eyes still on TV
close up

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