Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day and Happy Anniversary to Granmom and Grandpop Madden! Brian had his end of the year class party today. He doesn't get out of school until the 19th but the rest of the days are half days. They celebrated Flag Day too and had chalk drawings of flags and even pin the star on the flag! They had yummy M&M cookies and soft pretzels! Sean was invited too and had a great time until it was time to clean up the hula hoops! And of course he decided to throw a tantrum while I was nursing Justin! He loved to roll the hula hoops- neither of the boys has enough rhythm to shake it! A few of the Mom's even did face painting - Brian's says USA and Sean's was a red, white, and blue snake! Brian rushed home to look at it in the mirror and asked why they painted ASU on his face and not USA. We had a short science lesson about mirrors and how reflections look backwards!

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