Saturday, June 9, 2007

Darth Vader vs Mr. Incredible

Brian and Sean came down from their room dressed like this today! I pretended to act scared and Sean took off his mask and said, "Mom, It's only me, Sean, in a mask!" He can be so sweet!They were watching Star Wars and wanted to play along. I have never seen Mr. Incredible with Spiderman gloves in any of the episodes - but that is Sean for you! Brian actually made is costume - we had the mask but he put on a black t-shirt (backwards so you couldn't see what was on the front), black baseball pants, the black boot covers from the Mr. Incredible costume and the black cape from a Batman costume. I thought that was great that he came up with all of that.

Brian has always been into dressing up as different characters! When he was 3 we couldn't get the Buzz Lightyear one away from him! Sean is not into costumes as much and definitely has more of a builder/construction side to him. He will play with Legos or Tinkertoys for hours and Brian never was that interested in them. It is neat to see how their personalities differ even though they are so close. Of course they have things that they both love too - riding bikes, matchbox cars, Star Wars, wrestling Dad, and pushing Mom's buttons!!!

friend or foe?
Mr. Incredible
Darth Vader
the duel
the saga continues...

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