Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

The boys had so much fun - first the Phillies Parade, and now trick-or-treating! They did reluctantly pose for a few pictures. I don't have too many of Justin because he rarely stood still the whole day. He really got the hang of things after the first few houses! He kept looking into his back and making a surprised face! It was so cute! He did try to eat the candy with the wrappers still on. Brian and Sean got a good laugh out of that! Justin got more candy than the boys - I think it is because most people let him take a few pieces because he was so little!

After trick-or-treating we went to our friends' house and had chili! Yum! They boys had no trouble falling asleep. They were so tired from the past few days!

the boysthe clone trooper - commander CodyJoe FlaccoSean trick-or-treatingJustin "the bat" flying away

Phillies Championship Parade!

Congrats the the Philadelphia Phillies!!! We called the boys out of school and headed to the train for center city! Brian, my Mom, a few friends, and I made the first wave. We left at about 9 am and things were getting crowed but really not too bad.

When Brian Sr. and Sean came a little over an hour later, things had gotten out of control. Streets were closed off to even walkers and public transportation was just shy of a standstill. I am so glad I decided to leave with the early shift! Sean freaked out a bit from the crowds and had to be carried - I am so glad his Dad was there because I wouldn't have been able to carry him very far.

I was a little disappointed by the parade though - I thought there would be more than some police cars and a few trucks with players, coaches, and family on them. A few bands would have been nice! It was a great experience and I hope the boys are one day proud to say they were there!

Brian and friends on the train
Brian waiting for the parade to beginSean finally joins us just in timethe view down Broad Streetcrazy fans hanging out of windowsone of the trucksmore Philliesmore trucksRyan Howardthe trophythe Phanticanother view down Broad StreetBrian and his friend N after the parade

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Halloween Parade

The annual Halloween Parade has been going on in our town since I was a kid - and probably long before that too! We take the boys every year and they have so much fun! The fire trucks are usually the favorite by all! Justin was a little frightened of the Civil War muskets when they were fired. But he liked the rest of it! The boys collected some early Halloween candy that was thrown off the floats. Justin also liked dancing to the music played by the high school bands. Then it was early to bed for the Phillies Parade and trick-or-treating tomorrow!!!
Justin watching the parade
Brian, Sean and friends
the gang

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World Champion Phillies

We have been religiously watching the Phillies this post season. They whole family - especially the boys have caught Phillies Phever! I have let them stay up past bed time to see games which is so out of character for me! I guess I am feeling sentimental because the last time the Phillies won the World Series it was 1980 and I was Brian's age! I still have a program from one of the games that my Grandmom went too. Of course in true kid fashion, I colored all over the cover of it and wrote my name in about 10 places! Oh well!

Tonight the Phillies beat the Rays to win the World Series! It was the continuation of a game from Monday night that was postponed for rain. The rain continued for all of Tuesday too, and the weather finally cleared for Wednesday. It actually worked out pretty well because with the late start times, the boys were able to stay awake for the whole game because there were only 3 and a half innings left to play!

We had a friend over with his two boys and after the Phillies won, they piled on each other in the living room just like the players did! Then they ran outside with pots and pans. Next they ran up and down the street banging on them and cheering for the Phillies. After a few trips up and down the block, Brian and his friend N ripped their shirts off and began to run around some more! It was only about 40 degrees out! It was so funny! Boys will be boys...

Sean banging on his pan
Brian in his Phillies bestcrazy boyshe just has to be cold!the pile on!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Justin's Eighteen Month Visit

Justin is doing great and very healthy! He weighs in at a whopping 22lbs 9oz and is 32in long! Last visit at 15 months he had fallen off the charts in weight and was at about the 4th percentile. Now he is doing better and in a little less than three months has made it to just above the 10th percentile! Go Justin! He is still a very picky eater and what he eats one day, he may never eat again! It is funny, but he is so hard to feed. He likes to take a few bites and then he is done. But even as an infant he was never crazy when feeding time passed by a few minutes. Brian and Sean would let the whole neighborhood know when the three hours was up!

He is doing well physically too. He can run and walk backwards. He can walk up and down steps while holding onto a railing. He can kick and throw a ball - and dribble a ball. I guess he has spent too much time at the soccer fields this fall! He can feed himself with a spoon and fork and also scribble with a crayon. He is really close to doing a forward roll too! His new favorite trick is to hold onto my hands, walk his legs up the front of me and then push off to do a back flip! He loves to climb and jump off the couch and anything else he can find. He is a true dare devil and seems to have no fear! He is practicing really hard to be able to jump with two feet off the ground at the same time, right now one lags behind just a little bit!

Justin has added a few more words, but is still a quiet kid. I am not sure if that is just his nature or if it is just way to noisy in our house! He says Mom and Dad, more, no, bye-bye, candy, nose, sip, Grandmom, eat, done, love you, car, and probably a few more. It is just that he says maybe one or two words a day. He isn't a babbler either, just seems to be a quiet kid. Not that it is anything to complain about! He does hear everything though. I can tell the boys we are ready to leave and to get their shoes on, and there goes Justin running toward the door! He is also more engrossed in TV lately - he really likes Sesame Street and I love that his favorite is Grover. He literally screeches when he comes on! It is so cute!

My baby is now officially a toddler. Shhh, don't tell anyone. I am still going to refer to him as the baby. For a few more months anyway!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sean's Trip to the Orchard!

Sean's trip was a lot of fun. It was the same orchard that Brian went to three years ago! It was pretty cold and windy, but at least the bus driver didn't get lost! We toured the orchards on a hay ride - there were apples, pears, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, apricots, and pumpkins! Of course most were not in season, but we could still see the bushes and trees where the fruit was supposed to be! As I said, it was cold! We even ate lunch in the car instead of at the picnic area! Sean really enjoyed the playground and feeding the goats. We both got lost in a maze and never did find our way to the exit - we gave up and went out through the entrance! In the market, we got apple cider doughnuts and some yummy sugar cookies! The dozen doughnuts were gone by the next day!!!

Sean posing again!
resting in the playground
the Phillies pumpkin

on the hayride

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Football and Soccer Sunday

Joe and the Ravens had another great week! They beat Oakland 29-10. Joe was 15/33 for 225 yards and 1 interception. He threw a 70 yd touchdown pass, rushed 12 yds for a touch down and caught a 43 yd pass! If he had not fallen down catching the pass, he would have scored another touchdown and set an NFL record! Go Joe and Wacco for Flacco!

Brian's game went well too. They won agaist the team 5-0, for the second time this season. Brian had a few assists and came close to scoring a few times too! Great job team!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Picking!

We went to a local farm so that the boys could pick out some pumpkins. We opted out of the hayride and made them pick pumpkins from the market! It was too close to Justin's nap time, and I didn't want a melt down on a tractor ride! They each selected their own, Justin took the longest time picking his out. I guess he is like his Mom, he has to search and search for the perfect one! He found a big one and tried to lift it, but couldn't get it off the ground. Then he moved onto a smaller one and lifted it easily. The next thing Brian knew, a pumpkin was coming right for him. Luckily he has quick reflexes and caught the pumpkin before it took an untimely meeting with the pavement! There were a ton of pumpkins painted with Phillies colors and logos! Go Phils!

Justin checking out every pumpkin
trying to lift the biggest one!Sean loves to yell for me to take his picturethis was the best shot of all three of themstill searchinghow tall this fall?Sean's turnJustin measuring up!leaving with the kids and pumpkins

Friday, October 24, 2008

Diaper Football

I was trying all night to get a picture of Justin with the Ravens helmet on. He was so fast that I couldn't catch a shot. And when we tried to make him sit still, he screamed. So, this is the best shot of him with the helmet on. Even though you cannot see his face, I think it is still cute!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Living History

Last night I went to meeting at Brian's school for Living History. Living History is something that his school does every Spring. It is a project done by the parents and the PTA. Basically there are groups of about 4-6 parents and each gets a topic on a particular subject. The idea is to create a room that brings history to life. Last year the subject was New Jersey and the year before that it was Space. I did famous people from NJ and dressed up as Buzz Aldrin to participate in a wacky game show! ( I even made them laugh with a toy Buzz Lightyear!) I had so much fun and cannot wait to do it again this year. The subject this year is Greece and my topic is growing up in ancient Greece. I think it should be fun and kids always love to learn about how other kids lived in different times and places!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sean the Tackler

My boys all think that when someone is laying on the floor that it is a free invitation to tackle them. Justin has picked up on this already and willingly flings himself on his brothers and even the dog. In the following pictures Sean has tackled his Dad and Justin wants to join in on the fun. He scolds him and then laughs about it. Typical Sean behavior!!!

telling Justin NO!laughing about it

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Skate Night

Brian's school had a skate night fund raiser last night! The boys had a lot of fun. They are getting better and better each time they put on skates! Brian even went for the roller blades this time instead of the quad skates - and after a shaky start, he did really well!

Brian helping his friend N
(it was N's first time on skates)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Colonial Times

Brian had a class trip today to a colonial plantation in Pennsylvania. The actual trip part was fun and interesting, but the bus ride was another matter! As a room parent, I got to ride on the bus. Fifty-something second graders in a confined spot - wasn't I lucky! Well, the bus driver got lost and I think we turned around about five times on the way there. A trip that should have taken a little under an hour had us on the bus for about an hour and forty minutes!!!

We finally made it - safe and sound - and had to cut a few things short since we were late. The kids got to make their own candles by dipping a wick into wax. They got to saw their own wood and fetch water from a well. They got to tour a house that was actually built in the 1700's. The small rooms and big fire places really caught their attention. They learned how differently kids lived in colonial times, and most were thankful for their DVD players, cars, and video games!

There were sheep, horses, pigs, and chickens to look at. Of course, the highlight of the trip was the horse pooping. I thought the boys were going to pee their pants they were giggling so hard! They also liked the pigs slopping around in the mud! One kid named the piglets Hammy, Bacon, and Sausage. Everyone had a good laugh at that too!

The bus ride home, I have to say, was just a slight bit better. I think we only got lost two times. We arrived back to the school thirty minutes after dismissal time! I was texting parents like crazy on the way home to spread the word that the bus was super late! I cannot wait until Sean gets to go in a few years - I will just make sure to take my own transportation!

watching the animals from the fence
the colnial kitchen - and tour guide
the living room
making candles sawing woodfetching waterlooking down the wellBrian in front of a barn