Monday, October 20, 2008

Colonial Times

Brian had a class trip today to a colonial plantation in Pennsylvania. The actual trip part was fun and interesting, but the bus ride was another matter! As a room parent, I got to ride on the bus. Fifty-something second graders in a confined spot - wasn't I lucky! Well, the bus driver got lost and I think we turned around about five times on the way there. A trip that should have taken a little under an hour had us on the bus for about an hour and forty minutes!!!

We finally made it - safe and sound - and had to cut a few things short since we were late. The kids got to make their own candles by dipping a wick into wax. They got to saw their own wood and fetch water from a well. They got to tour a house that was actually built in the 1700's. The small rooms and big fire places really caught their attention. They learned how differently kids lived in colonial times, and most were thankful for their DVD players, cars, and video games!

There were sheep, horses, pigs, and chickens to look at. Of course, the highlight of the trip was the horse pooping. I thought the boys were going to pee their pants they were giggling so hard! They also liked the pigs slopping around in the mud! One kid named the piglets Hammy, Bacon, and Sausage. Everyone had a good laugh at that too!

The bus ride home, I have to say, was just a slight bit better. I think we only got lost two times. We arrived back to the school thirty minutes after dismissal time! I was texting parents like crazy on the way home to spread the word that the bus was super late! I cannot wait until Sean gets to go in a few years - I will just make sure to take my own transportation!

watching the animals from the fence
the colnial kitchen - and tour guide
the living room
making candles sawing woodfetching waterlooking down the wellBrian in front of a barn

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