Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Golf Party

Brian went to a mini-golf birthday party today for his friend N. He had a great time. Most of the kids with the exception of Brian and N were so out of control! It was just ridiculous - spitting food, hitting things with golf clubs, playing in the water, running in the parking lot, grabbing extra cupcakes and basically behaving like wild animals. The best part was that none of the parents of these wild kids decided to stay for the party - I guess they knew better! Ugh! Now I know kids will be kids and especially that boys will be boys, but there is point where I sometimes cannot believe the way kids act. Not that mine are angels all the time, but they certainly suffer the consequences when they are not!!!


AprilMay said...

UGH! It's kids like that who give boys a bad reputation! :(

Anonymous said...

Kim, Is everything ok, I follow your blog and was wondering about no posts since October 8th.


Kim said...

T -

Thanks for checking up on me. I am just having a hard time keeping up with the blog now that the kids are in school and involved in activities and sports. I updated a bunch last night, and hope to catch up soon!