Friday, October 3, 2008

The Fire House

Our town's firehouse had an open house tonight for the kids. There were lots of firetrucks to look at and take pictures next to! They got to climb in an ambulance, try on a neck brace, and get a free band-aid. Free hot dogs, soda, and hot chocolate were enjoyed by all! The boys also got a lot of free stuff - pens, tattoos, notebooks, frisbees, fire hats, balls, pot holders, rubber duckies, stickers and coloring books! They each got a turn to squirt a real fire hose to knock down a fire in a wooden building. Brian went through the smoke house, but Sean opted out this year! It is really neat - a fireman sets off a smoke alarm and teaches the kids how to crawl through the "house", keep low, and check for hot doors etc. Then they have to climb down a ladder to get out.

And of course, every one's favorite part - free Mr. Softee ice cream!

the boys in front of an old fire truckJustin with a smileice cream anyone?Brian squirting the hoseSean's turnJustin in the ambulanceBrian climbing out of the smoke house

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Kathy V said...

I think October is Fire prevention month so that is why they probably did the open house now. I remember going to some of the firehouses with the cub scouts. It was always fun. Now my (little) brother is a firefighter. He has taken us through his station several times and it is always neat. Now, I am always worried for him though when I hear the fire alarm go off.