Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World Champion Phillies

We have been religiously watching the Phillies this post season. They whole family - especially the boys have caught Phillies Phever! I have let them stay up past bed time to see games which is so out of character for me! I guess I am feeling sentimental because the last time the Phillies won the World Series it was 1980 and I was Brian's age! I still have a program from one of the games that my Grandmom went too. Of course in true kid fashion, I colored all over the cover of it and wrote my name in about 10 places! Oh well!

Tonight the Phillies beat the Rays to win the World Series! It was the continuation of a game from Monday night that was postponed for rain. The rain continued for all of Tuesday too, and the weather finally cleared for Wednesday. It actually worked out pretty well because with the late start times, the boys were able to stay awake for the whole game because there were only 3 and a half innings left to play!

We had a friend over with his two boys and after the Phillies won, they piled on each other in the living room just like the players did! Then they ran outside with pots and pans. Next they ran up and down the street banging on them and cheering for the Phillies. After a few trips up and down the block, Brian and his friend N ripped their shirts off and began to run around some more! It was only about 40 degrees out! It was so funny! Boys will be boys...

Sean banging on his pan
Brian in his Phillies bestcrazy boyshe just has to be cold!the pile on!

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