Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy 17 Months Justin!

Wow! I cannot believe my baby is 17 months old! Justin is doing great. He fits in great with our family and has such an easy going personality. I can see glimpses of the terrible twos emerging with a few tantrums here and there. He definitely makes it known when he is not happy! He says a few more words but doesn't use them with any consistency. It seems like he says things when I am least expecting it - and then won't say them again for days or weeks. Right now he can say more, bot-bot (bottle), mom, dad, cup, hat, nose, shoe, milk, no, go, baby, ni-ni (night-night), and ball. There may be a few others, but like I said he doesn't say them often.

Justin is running and kicking a ball while running. I think he dribbles a soccer ball better than some of the kids on Brian's soccer team. He can walk up and down steps while holding onto a railing. He can climb on just about anything. He goes down the slides - even the big ones (gulp) all by himself. And he won't let anyone help him. He loves to throw things - especially matchbox cars. We are trying to end that habit! He loves Elmo and Cookie Monster. He loves music and to dance. He always blows kisses and waves bye-bye! Justin is a great kid - and I always say, well worth the wait!!!

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