Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Sean!

Sean got his presents today from family. He was so excited to get more Legos! He is really into the Power Miners right now! And he got to choose dinner - hamburgers with pickles and ketchup! And dessert - donuts from the local bakery. Yum!

I cannot believe my middle guy is 6! He is such a fun kid. He is smart and caring. He still screams - a lot! He screams when he is happy or sad. He screams when he is excited or scared. He pretty much screams all the time! He has been this was since he found his voice at a few months old. Speaking of old, the screaming is getting old. He is getting a little bit better. But there is definitely room for improvement!

The road from 5 to 6 has been a big year for Sean. He went to pre-school. He learned to ride a bike without training wheels. He lost 4 teeth! He learned to write his name and to recognize all the letters and numbers. He also knows all the sounds associated with the letters. He developed a love for learning and asks so many good questions.

Sean has a great love for animals and is so curious about every thing from ants to elephants. He is very stingy with his hugs and kisses, which makes them all that more special when he gives them out. He loves to be read to and to play video games. Sean has a great sense of humor and his antics have definitely made our lives - and this blog - more interesting!

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