Sunday, August 2, 2009

Extreme Bowling!!!

Justin has taken bowling to a whole new level. He has become bored with rolling the little blue ball. Now he has made up a new game that we like to call extreme bowling. He sets up this pins in a straight line. Even after we have showed him many times how to set them up in a triangle shape, he still likes them in a line. Then he gets his wagon and crashes through the pins. And if he doesn't knock them all down on the first try, then he turns around for strike two!

He is so funny and so serious about it at the same time. He either counts to three and runs or says, 'get ready, go!" I have no idea where the 'get set' part went, I guess he is in too much of a hurry. This game fits in so well with his behaviour right now. He is a little demolition man and loves to destroy everything in his path.

The boys won't let him within ten feet of their Legos, and for good reason. I think is destruction goes beyond the usual trying to make sense of cause and effect. This kid just derives pure joy from watching things crumble to the ground. Maybe we have an explosives engineer in the making. Hide the dynamite!

setting up the pins
ordering his brothers around

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