Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Isn't It Ironic

Okay, first let me start off by saying that I know it was a crazy thought to bring three boys to Target. At 11 am. Two weeks before school starts. To buy the things on their supply lists.

We got in the door fine, and then Justin wanted out of the cart. I don't let him when it is just the two of us, but Brian watches him. So, I took him out to end his whining. Well, we didn't even get past the check-outs and he wanted to push the cart. And not just help me, he wanted to do it all by himself. Head down. Mach 2 speed.

He knocked a few bags of chips off an end cap and then nearly took a woman out at the ankles. That was the last straw for me. Back in the cart he went. Apparently he did not want to be back in the cart. He proceeded to scream. Not just cry. The head all the way back like a Muppet scream. At the top of his lungs. Not stopping.

Being the seasoned Mom of three boys that I am, I just kept shopping. Hand sanitizer - check. Tissues - check. Shampoo - check. Justin is still screaming. And showing no signs of letting up. Now Sean is beginning to whine. He wants Pokemon cards. He needs more because he only has 567 at home. And who can live without one more Pikachu or Charizard? Whining is now crying. Getting louder. And louder.

Justin is still screaming. So much, in fact, that I stop being mad and now have to smile at his ridiculousness. Sean has resorted to trying to pull me back to the trading card isle. He is holding onto the card and pulling. Sliding along the floor in his shark flip-flops. The boys are in a competition for who can be the loudest. Not sure who is winning. People are beginning to stare.

I am now pushing a cart with a screaming toddler in it and pulling along a crying almost 6 year old. Then Brian starts. He says, "Mom. Mom. Mom." I look at him and say, "Brian, not now!" I am sure something he cannot live without has caught his eye. Today, he is persistent and again says, "Mom. Mom. M-o-o-o-m!" Blood pressure rising. In a public place. Keep cool. Push on.

Brian says again, "Mom!" This time I look at him. He starts again, "But Mom, there is someone behind us." He turns around, smiles, and waves. Heart stops. Breathing quickens. Who could it be? Help!

I plastered on my best fake smile and turned around. Only to see my mother-in-law standing before me and my chaos. Face smile getting harder to wear. Hope she didn't notice my shock. Who am I kidding?

She asks why Justin is so upset. I explain about the cart pushing and the lady he almost put on crutches. He sees his Grandmom and the crying stops. Sean stops crying too. Hmmmm. Maybe this was not too bad. Maybe they were a bit embarrassed by their behavior? Wishful thinking?

Then my sister-in-law walks up another isle. They were shopping together. My sister-in-law smiles. Her face reads understanding - she has six kids. 'Been there, done that' is exchanged between us without a word. I can always tell those that have kids when mine are acting up in a store. You get the shocked and horrified look from those without kids - or with only one kid, and the sympathetic smile from those that have a few.

Anyway, the rest of the shopping was pretty uneventful and we got all but two things on the lists! One stop on the way home and we had everything finished. Feels good to have that done! I will survive....

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