Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sean is closing in on 6 years old, and still really attached to his Blankie. I really thought he would have left it behind by now, or at least in his bed. He has gotten a bit better and we don't allow him to bring it out of the house any more. Well, unless he is spending the night away from home.

In so many ways, Sean is so big, and in others he is just a little kid. He really finds comfort in Blankie when his tired, sad, or mad. It, or He as Sean refers to Blankie, can instantly calm Sean. Blankie has been repaired too many times to count. Had borders added and taken away. Had holes sewn and ripped pieces trimmed. As the weeks and months and years go by, Blankie has become more brown than yellow. But that just shows how much he is loved!

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