Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I went to visit my new friend Aimee today! She and her husband are about to be blessed by triplets! They have a son that will be 4 years old in December! We met on the internet in an infertility bulletin board and soon discovered we were both in NJ - and then both in South Jersey. After that we realized we went to the same fertility doctor. We got to meet once at the doctor's office and this is the second time I have been to her home. We only live about 45-50 minutes from each other. I think it is so exciting because we probably would have never met without the internet!

Aimee is 31 weeks and 1 day pregnant with triplets and looks so great. The picture really doesn't do justice to her belly - it is all baby and was so neat to see the babies kick! She has done such a wonderful job taking care of herself and the babies! I cannot wait to meet them - but I will wait a litttle longer so that they can be big and healthy!

Aimee and Justin
(no room on her lap!)
Me, Aimee and Justin

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