Friday, August 3, 2007

Justin is 3 months old!

I just cannot believe that Justin is 3 months old! He is such a great baby and so happy! He is nursing every 3-4 hours and is awake after eating for an hour or so and then sleeps until he gets hungry again! At night he sleeps from 10:30 pm until 7:30am - and he goes down awake and after a minute or two of fussing he goes right to sleep! And he has been on this schedule for about 4 weeks now! Justin weighs about 14 lbs - Brian got on the scale and weighed himself - then weighed himself again holding Justin!

Justin is really "talking" all the time and loves to blow bubbles. He makes so many great sounds - but his squeaky laugh is my favorite. He is tolerating belly time a little better now and can almost roll from belly to back. He just needs a little push to get started - that darn arm keeps getting in the way! He has really turned into a little person - it is so neat to see his personality develop. So far, he is the more laid back as a baby than Brian and Sean were!

Oh - he does have a little scratch on his nose - 2nd boo-boo! I felt so bad because I kept meaning to cut his nails all day and just forgot. Then he wakes up with the scratch - boy do I feel guilty!

baby power
more air guitar
what a face!
stretch and a smile

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