Friday, August 10, 2007

Explaining Adoption

Brian and Sean came with me to send the package and they knew it was papers so that we can adopt a little sister for them. After sending the package, I decided to talk to Brian and Sean about adoption. They understand the basic concept - we will add to our family by loving and caring for a baby that grew in another woman's belly. Brian asked if the baby would grow like Justin did, and I told him yes but not in my belly. Okay, we seemed to all be on the same page so far.

Then I told them that this baby will look a little different than they do. Sean asked if she would have a head! Yes, Sean and arms and legs and eyes and ears and everything that you have. Well, everything except for a few of his parts! But I didn't say that to him - I can only explain so much per day! Brian asked if she would have different colored skin. (okay now we are getting closer) I told him yes and different colored eyes and hair too. I then said that some of her facial features would look different too. I could tell by his look that he didn't understand - by this time Sean was rolling around on the floor! So, I brought them down to the basement to show them pictures of babies on Korean Adoption blogs and sites. This was a winner because they could both see what I was talking about. Why I didn't start with pictures I will never know. I should have known because they always want pictures in their books and now that I read some chapter books to Brian, Sean wants to know where all the pictures are!

It was neat to see how excited they were. They were both saying how cute the babies were and asked which one of them was going to be ours. They even thought one looked a little like Justin - I have to admit his smile was similar! I told them that these babies have already been adopted by other families. And that the baby for us hasn't even been born yet, (or even conceived - not ready for that conversation!) They looked at me strangely again. I though of trying to explain paper work and home studies and passports and legals and 1-600 forms. But then thought better and said, "Who wants popcorn?" They both said yes and ran up to the kitchen! Conversation to continue another day...

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