Thursday, August 2, 2007

Brian is growing up!

Brian had basketball camp at our town's high school this week and had so much fun. It was hot and no air but kids don't seem to feel the heat as much as adults! Today, the last day, they handed out trophies to some of the kids for various achievements. Well, Brian didn't get a trophy. I really expected him to cry and be upset that he didn't win. He was a little sad, which is okay, and walked over to me and said that he didn't win a trophy. I told him that it was okay as long as he tried his best and had fun. He said he did and I told him that was all that mattered. Before this never sunk in, but this time he just looked up and gave me the tiniest hint of a smile! I think he is finally realizing that you don't always have to win! I don't think this is the end to him being upset about not winning because that is his personality, but hopefully this is the start of him learning to accept not winning in a better way!

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