Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sean's Pool Cake!

Here are some pictures of Sean's cake. Thanks to my sister-in-law Kelly for all of her help and input! We had so much fun and laughed at the bears and positioning them in the pool! Sean really liked it too! And - there is a Hippo in the pool! Sean is the bear riding it and you cannot see it but it has a yellow bathing suit on!

The last cake is Sean's - he, sadly, cannot eat the big cake. He is allergic to milk and eggs. His cake just doesn't "set up" the same way and continued to crumble under the icing and treats! The mix works so much better with cupcakes! Oh well, hope it tastes better than it looks!

Sean's 4th Birthday Cake!

swimming bears

more bears

fish on the sides"Sean" riding the Hippobears on rafts and in tubessun tanning bears
bear riding a toy whale

diving board
"Sean: and the hippo again

Sean's cake!top view
hippos too!

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