Sunday, August 12, 2007

What is Justin thinking?

I, like most people I know, wonder what babies are thinking. Do they think we are nuts with the high pitched baby talk and goofy faces? Are they upset by never getting to chose what they want to do? Do we scare them by just scooping them up and taking them anywhere we want ? Brian asked me the other day why I carry Justin down the steps facing backwards (up over my shoulder). I asked why and he said that Justin cannot see where he is going. I had never though of it that way before.

This conversation took me back to high school - there was a guy in my Calculus class that always had crazy off-the-wall things to say. One day he asked how we knew that plants are not afraid of heights. We just assume we can hang them where ever and they are fine. Okay maybe not the same thing because plants are not human - but hey you never know!

Anyway - I think I can guess what Justin is thinking in these pictures. And if it is not what he is thinking then it was fun anyway! I just sat and clicked away while he was in his bumbo - I cannot believe he made so many different faces in a manner of minutes!

Oh Mom, you crack me up!
Are we done with the camera yet?
Very interesting point Mother
Uh, well, not exactly as I see it
hmmm, I will have to think about that

are you kidding me!
how you doin' ?
I'm too sexy..

This is so hilarious that
I might pee my pants

I have my eye on you!

I am really mad! but could be confused with
I am filling my diaper!

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