Saturday, October 24, 2009

Super Soccer Star!

Sean had his last soccer game today. And what a game it was! The score ended in tie 4-4. But the exciting part was that Sean scored all 4 goals for his team!!! His face after the game was priceless. I was forced to fight back tears, it really warmed my heart to see you happy and proud he was!

He is so much more competitive than I thought he would be. He always seems to feel like he is in Brian's shadow when it comes to sports. It was so nice to see him shine this year. And even though he is aggressive and wants to score, he is still a nice player. He doesn't take the ball from his teammates and I can hear him encouraging them on the field when they have the ball. It was a great season! Sean cannot wait for next year!

Goal #1
Goal #2
Goal #3
Goal #4

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