Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fair and Festival!

Today was the boys' school fair. They always have a great time. It is nice that they are old enough to run around the school yard with their friends. They of course got a lot of silly prizes that will soon be in the circular file! Shhh, don't tell them! This year was really fun for Justin. It is the first year he was really able to play some of the games. His favorite was searching for candy in a huge pile of hay!

After the fair, we went to the University of Pennsylvania for a Korean Festival. Friday was Chuseok, with is the Korean Thanksgiving. They make a big traditional meal, visit family, and give thanks for their family and food. The boys were a bit shy when we got there, but quickly warmed up. It was sponsored by Korea students there. They had a few craft stations for the kids - coloring pages, making hacky sacks, and making kites. They had Korea food, which we arrived too late for and even Korean music playing.

The best part was that I got to talk with some of the students about Korea. They have all been there and some were even born there! They taught me how to pronounce Yi Seul - which I was doing all wrong, and still find it hard to say! The "s" sound in Seul is really hard - it is said which teeth together and sounds nothing like anything in the English language.

They made a list of the best things to see in Seoul too! They were so nice and helpful. They started their club to help bring Korean culture to Korean adoptees. They are even doing a mentor program for the older kids. I have a few e-mail addresses and they said they would help and answer any questions I had about culture or language or Korea! I am so excited to have that connection and hope they continue the program in the future for when Kathryn is older!

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