Monday, October 19, 2009

Paper Work Delivered!

Whew! Just let out a huge sigh of relief! Good news! The I-600 paper work was delivered to the Lewisville Texas Facility this morning at 9:10 am! My faith is restored in the postal service. I was so afraid that the attempted delivery on a Saturday would make a huge mess! I really didn't need to add this to my worries, at least it was only for a few days!

Now, I just have to hope this new process is speedy and we get our approval within the next month! Oh, and we need EP (emigration permission) from Korea soon too! I hope to hear about that within the next month too. But for now, more waiting.


James and Laura said...

I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see when you receive your I600 approval. Our I-600 paperwork was delivered yesterday via FedEx. It will be interesting to see how fast Texas processes it and send it on to its designated CIS office.

But I'm very happy to hear yours was delivered -- I saw your previous post about being 'undeliverable'.

(aka Daisy615 on Holt BB)

Sunnymama said...

I will watching your I600 process closely. I am nervous about this new process. In my state it only took a week or two to process!!! So I am super bummed about this new way. Praying for a speedy process for you!