Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Finally! I feel so much better! We got our "legals" from Korea today! I already had all the I-600 and other necessary forms copied and signed, so I only had to copy the legals and get to the post office! Only 2 hours after opening my mail, they were off to USCIS in Texas!

After October 6th, I-600 and I-600A forms have to be sent to a Texas USCIS office. Before this date we would have mailed the forms to Trenton, NJ - just like we did with our I-600A. Since it is only October 14th, I assume that I am in the first batch to go to the new route! I really hope this new format doesn't add time to our wait. I am very leery of a brand new process.

I do see the need to streamline the I-600 and I-600A processes. All the states varied so much in their processing times - NJ was pretty quick and had I-600 approvals out in about 3-4 weeks, some states were taking months and months. I just hope things don't average out the difference - if my approval takes longer than a month I will go nuts! Especially since we missed the cut off by about a week!

This is our final step in the visa process. It is the last bit of paper work that I have any control of - well, until after we have Kathryn home! Everything else needs to be done on the Korean side!

*For more information on the process or any of the paper work mentioned above, please click on the "What's Next" link below Kathryn's photos on the side bar*

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AprilMay said...

I lost your blog when my computer died, and I'm so happy I found it again! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl and I am praying that everything will go smoothly!!