Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Unwed Mothers in Korea

This article was in the NY Times today. It is very interesting, and sad. Adoption is so bittersweet. In order for their to be a gain, there has to be a loss. There cannot be joy without sadness. I am sad for the the loss that the birth parents have to endure, and happy for our family. I am sad that Kathryn will be losing every thing she has known when she arrives here, but happy for all that she will gain with us. Her birth parents are heart broken, but also (I hope) hopeful for her future. I cannot imagine the sacrifice in wanting more for your child than you are able to give.

The article is really good. I get a lot of questions about Korea and unwed mothers and adoption and this story explains it all. I am happy that steps are being taken to help unwed mothers, even if they are small steps. There is a rumor that Korea is trying to put steps into place to end foreign adoption in the next few years. If this is to be achieved, I guess there is almost no choice but to start implementing some sort of incentives and support programs for unwed and single mothers.

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