Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Goal - for B-West!

We got the chance to meet Brian Westbrook today at the Nova Care Center in Philly today! It was really exciting! He is so nice! B-West posed for a few photos with the boys - Justin wouldn't cooperate - and signed Brian's jersey and a picture for us! When Brian met Brian Westbrook, he shook his hand. Then Brian Westbrook asked what his name was, Brian replied, "Brian." Brian Westbrook smiled and told him that it was the best name there is!

As we were leaving Brian Westbrook told Brian to score a goal for him in his soccer game today!

And that is just what Brian did! He had a nice break-away and a pretty goal. He got past the defender and dribbled the ball to the outside and then shot on the opposite corner. Brian was so excited and could not wait to tell Brian Westbrook!

getting past the defender

making his break-away


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