Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coach Kim

Brian had to work late tonight, so it was my job to take over as assistant coach of Brian's baseball team. I think I did well and I had fun with the boys!

We only had one small problem. It is a rule that the boys have to have a cup to be the catcher. So, tonight one of the boys, I'll call him Fred, told me his cup was in his bag and that he wanted a turn to catch. I cleared it with the head coach and the kid was so happy.

Next he walks over to his bat bag - which he uses to carry his bat and glove and pulls out his cup. Fred sits on the bench, leans back and inserts his cup between his legs!!!! No worries with him, just puts it down his pants in the middle of the game!

Fred does well and after the inning comes in to take of his gear so that he can bat. After he bats, he realized that his cup was missing. I saw him walking around and asked him what was wrong. He says, "I can't find my cup! It must have fallen out somewhere!" Okay, I have never worn a cup, but to me when you are wearing tight baseball pants there is really no way for it to just "fall out." Right?

So, now Fred has the boys on the bench up and looking for the cup. He is sitting on the bench. This time his has both arms down his pants searching all over for his cup. He turns to me and says, "I still cannot find it. It isn't in here." No shy bone in this kid!

Since his friends are still looking, Fred gets up to help them. As soon as he stands up, one of his friends starts laughing and pointing at Fred's leg. Sure, enough there it was. His cup was stuck in his pants on the back of his thigh. It looked like he has a huge growth on his leg! I had to laugh too. It is a good thing Fred has a sense of humor too and immediately joined us in laughter.

Why o why did this whole cup fiasco have to happen when I was there? Here I am on the bench with an 8-yr old boy searching for a cup! Oy vey!!!

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