Monday, May 4, 2009

Justin's Two Year Check-Up

Justin was so good at his check-up, well that is until the doctor gave him a shot! He tried so hard to be brave, but the boo-boo lip finally gave way to tears. Luckily the lollipop at check-out made the tears disappear!

He was 25 lbs 6 oz and 34.5 inches tall! He finally made it from 5% in weight to 20%, and his height is still at about 40%! Go Justin go!

His doctor does want him to be evaluated for speech, but doesn't think that there really is a problem. I agree that we should be safe, and if in a few months we don't need it, then great. But if he is still behind in six months, then we won't be sorry for the time we missed! His speech is improving, but not where it should be for his age. And I guess I worry a bit more because Brian and Sean were such early talkers. They had first words at 10 months and by age 2 were telling stories! I know Justin is his own kid, and don't want to compare the boys. I just want to do what is best for each of them!

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