Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lego Madness

Anyone else completely sick of those fun building bricks that cost a fortune?

Let, me first start by saying that I really do like them, and so do my boys. I just cannot stand how fragile they are and how easily crucial pieces are lost! Makes my head spin just thinking about it! I spend hours with the boys building these elaborate police stations and rescue stations.

Then, all it takes is one stray ball or one impatient kid, and the whole thing collapses! It makes me want to cry. They try so hard to be careful but they all end up breaking something at one time or another. Sometimes they are trying to replace a piece and push a little to hard!!!

I am now in the process of sorting through the rubble to find the pieces that go with each set. I have gallon size zip bags and the instruction books. It is a tedious process, but will be well worth it in the end. I have to now hide the bags from them when I complete a set because I found them rooting through the bags for parts to build one of their creations.

No, I am not a mean Mom that is stifling their creativity! They have a huge bin of blocks, that did not come from an $80 set, to build with! They are just too lazy to sort through the bin to find what they want and would rather destroy all my hard work!

And yes, I do like order and thrive on it! Thank you very much!

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