Friday, June 26, 2009

Nothing New

I broke down and called our adoption agency today. Not good news. In the past when I have called, I was told there was a bit of movement for those waiting for referrals of healthy girls. My last call was almost three weeks ago. And we have not moved up the list at all since then.

When we applied the wait for a girl was about 10-12 months. We have one week left until we hit 14 months of officially waiting. I know there is nothing we can do but wait, but when you go past what was expected, well that is downright awful!

I know our agency, or any other for that manner, cannot predict the future, but it feels like the closer we get to when we expected a referral, the farther away we still are. If things don't get moving soon, we may be looking into July, or even August (gasp) for a call. Which is not too bad, but we had our hearts set on April/May. So, waiting for months longer is just torture!

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