Friday, June 19, 2009

School's Out!!!

Today was the boys' last day of school! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone! And that in a few short months my first baby will be a third grader! He got to meet his new teacher and see his classroom for next year! The funny thing is that his teacher is the wife of my fifth grade teacher and she was our lunch aide when I was in grade school! Brian doesn't go to the same grade school that I do, but the two schools are very close and in the same district.

My middle guy will be in Kindergarten in the fall! He will be six at the end of August! Yikes! It will be nice to have them both in the same school next year - nice for them and easier for me to manage drop-offs and pick-ups!

Sean's pre-K class had a party at a local picnic this morning. They served hot dogs at 10am, but the kids didn't care! The water ice that followed seemed much better to the adults! And the cupcakes from the local bakery - YUM!

Sean on the playground
Justin smiling about his first bite
Sean and his friend L Sean eating watermelonJustin unsure about his hot dog

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