Monday, June 1, 2009

Shelves, Shelves, and More Shelves!!!

I have been trying to make a list of projects to be done before we add another baby to this house. One of the big ones was to build shelves in the garage for storage totes. That way, I can get them out of the basement and have more room down there - and more organization! Brian's friend Rich provided the tools and the know-how, and we provided the help.

Everything went well, and I am extremely pleased with the finished product! It was giddy, it was like Christmas morning for me. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I thrive on order and neatness. Chaos and disorder make me uneasy. I know, funny for me being in a houseful of rough-housing boys!!!

I cannot wait to fill the shelves!!!!

Brian and Sean lending a hand
Brian helping to sawSean helping too!keeping the wood steadythe finished shelves!

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