Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Legs!

I am talking about the cute legs on my kid - not the trendy, fashion forward Baby Legs tights! I just love my kids legs - they are so cute!!!


so cute!uh-oh!hmmm...what is that?

And this will be his reaction someday when he reads this post about his cute little legs!!!


T n' W said...

I love cute little legs and feet! Just adorable. They grow too fast don't they!

Aimee said...

Cutie - Pie! Happy Easter!

Kathy V said...

Cute Stuff. I love the one with the legs in the air. the last one with the hands over the face is cute too.

Kathy V said...

Where have you been? Are you okay? What is going on with you and your boys?

La La said...

So cute! I love the diaper only pics! I try to get as many of my girls as I can. I know one day they'll be teenagers and all that cute skin and baby chub will be nothing but happy memories.