Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy 23 Months Justin!!!

Shhhh. Don't say it, I don't think I can handle how close he is to two Especially saying it out loud!

But then again, it is so fun to see the kind of kid he is becoming. He is one crazy little boy! Justin is so happy and fun-loving. He loves his brothers the most and is especially fond of Brian. He has the most contagious laugh and his whole face lights up when he smiles. Justin loves to run and jump and has even figured out how to gallop! He is definitely my climber and you never know where you will find him next. He is the only one of the boys that even attempted to get out of their crib!

His speech is improving - slowly. He is starting to babble more and to add some words to his vocabulary. But, most of the time he is quiet. Well, unless he is mad. He has learned to yell "NO!" and "STOP!" to his brothers. His eating has also improved and he is more willing to try new things - especially if he is really hungry. Although if given the choice, he will pick sweets over everything! He does also love fruit and even eats mango and kiwi!!! I still cannot get him to eat any kind of sandwich - even grilled cheese!

Justin is such a joy to have and is pure entertainment for me and the rest of the family!

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